Hamza posts a thirst lure selfie on the gymnasium after shedding pounds

Hamza Moknii has been under a lot of stress since 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. But that hasn’t stopped him from setting up IG thirst traps.

Hamza Moknii surprised 90 day fiance Fans with his torn gym selfie after he confessed he’d lost weight due to stress. TLC viewers caught up with Hamza on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with Memphis Sandoval, his wife-to-be and baby mom. Memphis, Michigan, fell in love with Tunisian man Hamza over the internet and within eight months the couple were married. Fans expected things to go haywire between Hamza and Memphis as their wedding and pregnancy came three weeks after they first met in person. As predicted, Hamza and Memphis have now parted ways.

Memphis was the one who first fueled rumors of a split with Hamza with her string of cryptic Instagram stories. However, Memphis refused to name and shame Hamza, possibly due to her ongoing TLC contract. But fans quickly realized that she was divorcing Hamza. In April, Memphis confirmed her split from Hamza. Memphis used the hashtag “#singlemomlife” in a video she posted to Instagram. Hamza is now in Chicago.


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It’s unknown how long Hamza was on his own in America, but he’s been open about how much he misses his baby. Hamza came to the United States a month after his daughter was born. According to his Instagram Stories, Hamza finds it painful to stay away from his daughter. After Eid, Hamza revealed that he had lost a lot of weight due to his fasting and stress during Ramadan. But Hamza has also worked on his body now that he wants to pursue a modeling career. In his recent Instagram Stories, Hamza shared photos from his training session.

Hamza Moknii Gym Weight Loss Instagram IG in 90 Days Fiancé

Hamza smiled for the camera as he posed in a Rolling Stones t-shirt. In the picture, Hamza had his headphones on. Another photo showed Hamza in front of a giant mirror at the gym. While Hamza’s fans, who think he’s handsome, might love his updates, there are plenty of 90 Day Fiancé viewers who also think he’s desperate for attention. According to them, Hamza’s admission of missing his baby will lose meaning once he starts posting about himself again. Hamza is often accused of being an absentee father.

Memphis has accused Hamza of using her for a green card and fans have suspected she might be right. Hamza himself had told the 90 Day Fiancé cameras that since he was unemployed in Tunisia, he wanted to go to America for a job. Hamza felt that living with Memphis in their small town was hampering his aspirations and wanted to move to a larger location. Now that Hamza is doing his photo shoots in Chicago and working on his character, he might get a head start on modeling. But Hamza is also refusing to divulge any more details about his and Memphis’ relationship online, suggesting the pair will return to the USA 90 day fiance franchise to end their unfinished story.

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Source: Hamza Moknii / Instagram

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