Grievance to the Secretary Basic towards Vijay Sankeshwar on the query of house treatments

A lawyer and RTI activist has complained to the Secretary General to take action against former MP and BJP leader Vijay Sankeshwar for recommending inhaling lime juice as a cure for oxygen starvation.

Bheemagouda Paragonda of Athani, Belaglavi district, who made the complaint to General Secretary Fr Ravi Kumar, has asked him to take action against Mr Sankeshwar for misleading the public in breach of rules and regulations pertaining to the epidemic.

Copies of the complaint were sent to the Deputy Commissioners of Raichur and Dharwad. In Raichur, a teacher died after giving himself lime juice through his nose. Mr. Sankeshwar usually resides in Hubballi, Dharwad District.

Mr. Paragonda said that Mr. Sankeshwar was responsible for the death of Basavaraj Malipatil, a teacher from Raichur who is believed to have died after the home remedy.

The complainant has requested the Secretary-General to instruct the bailiffs to file a Suo Motu case under Section 306 of India’s Criminal Code and some sections of the Civil Protection Act. He has also argued that Mr Sankeshwar should be asked to pay £ 50 lakh in compensation to the late teacher’s family.

Teacher was misled by Mr. Sankeshwar’s testimony. Teacher’s family members have confirmed to the media that he did not previously have an illness.

Mr Sankeshwar had recently said in a press conference that giving lime juice through the nose increases oxygen levels by 80%. He said he had seen this home remedy on 200 people, including his relatives and colleagues.

Mr Paragonda told The Hindu that the government, which had taken strict measures against the spread of lies and rumors during a pandemic, had taken no action against its own leaders who recommended publicly untested home remedies.

Mr Sankeshwar has clearly violated COVID-19 guidelines and the provisions of the Disaster Management Act and Epidemic Diseases Act, the attorney said.

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