Greatest HCG Drops For Weight Loss: 100% Secure And Pure

If you have stubborn weight that simply refuses to go, you can use the best HCG Drops to help kick-start your metabolism. Sometimes, there is just no time for exercise so you have to find a supplement to help you beat the weight. As you will see in our HCG drops reviews, these supplements address two major aspects of weight loss. One of them is reducing hunger pangs so that you do not eat too many calories. The second one is shifting your metabolic rate to top gear so that the body burns rather than stores fat.

Listed Below are the 5 Best HCG Drops on the Market

1. Nutravit Diet Drops

2. HCG Complex Diet Drops

3. Official HCG Diet Drops

4. HCG Warrior

5. Omni Drops

What are HCG Drops?

HCG is an acronym for human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which the body produces during ovulation and pregnancy.

However, research has revealed many other benefits of this hormone. Today, HCG is known to increase the release of the male super hormone – the big T (Testosterone). This hormone packs you with energy and gives you the masculine qualities.

HCG can also be administered to boys with undescended testicles. However, do this under the direction of a doctor.

HCG can also help in cases of belated puberty.

For belated puberty, undescended testicles and other “medical” needs, the HCG is mostly available in injectable form.

However, if you just need to lose weight, you are better off using the best HCG drops. This has some benefits such as:

  • · No prescription is required
  • · No injections! Don’t prick your skin
  • · No side effects – natural products
  • · No hefty usage – simple to consume
  • · These drops work!

Best HCG Drops Reviews

As usual, the supplements market and industry teems with so many products. That is why you need to do your due diligence and separate the chaff from the grain.

Here, we have researched carefully and we bring you the best weight loss drops. They are as follows:

1. Nutravit Diet Drops (The Best of the Year)

Nutravit Diet Drops


Here are some of the reasons why Nutravit Diet Drops outrank other hCG drops :

  • · Helps the body to burn stubborn fat
  • · Suppresses urges for sugars and starches which are the main culprits for causing weight
  • · It addresses the root cause of weight gain and fat – slow metabolism
  • · It has ingredients that discourage the storage of fat in the body
  • · You can lose weight without punishing yourself since the drops replenish what the low calorie diet lacks
  • · Enhances faster fat burning for more energy production

The Nutravit Diet drops is a liquid formulation of amino acids and herbal ingredients. These ingredients have been tested and proven to help with weight loss, general wellness of the body and mind, increasing energy and many more.

What is Nutravit Diet Drops?

This non-prescription fat burning supplement is packed in liquid form in a 60ML bottle. The weight loss supplement helps to keep hunger pangs away. It will also kick-start the body’s metabolic rate to burn more fat and provide energy.

You are supposed to combine your usage of these drops with the accompanying weight loss program, which is essentially a low calorie diet. Therefore, the drops will not work alone; you have to take them with the foods in the accompanying diet protocol.

Nutravit Diet Drops Ingredients

The ingredients are natural, all of them. While this supplement is going to nudge the hypothalamus to release more HCG hormone, it does not contain any hormone. Here are some of the ingredients:

  • Amino acids – These make the biggest chunk of the ingredients. They include
  • L-Carnitine – It can reduce belly fat, which is stubborn
  • L-Ornithine – Enhances general wellness of the mind, which is vital to accommodate the changes you’ll go through
  • L-Arginine – It will give you more muscle mass and burn fat
  • Beta -Alanine – It raises the rate of oxygen utilization in the cells, increasing the metabolism of fat cells
  • L-Glutamine – It prevents inflammation and enhances insulin sensitivity.
  • L-Tryptophan – Decreases your appetite and curbs food cravings
  • Herbal ingredients and others
  • Garcinia Cambogia – The rind of this tropical fruit is wealthy in hydroxycitric acid, which helps in appetite suppression
  • Chromium Picolinate – Will lower your cravings for sugar, and keep appetite at bay.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – It contains rosavin that is very good for helping the body burn stored fat, even in stubborn areas.
  • Grape Seed Extract – It will stop your body from storing more fat
  • Grapefruit extract – Plays same role as the grape seed extract and it lowers insulin levels as well
  • African Mango Extract – Increases metabolic rate so the body burns fat faster
  • Panax Ginseng Extract – It increases cellular metabolism, which increases cellular energy, packing your body with energy.
  • Coleus forskohlii root extract – Increases the rate of fat breakdown
  • Raspberry Ketone – Enhances the rate at which the body burns fat
  • Green Tea Extract – Increases the core temperature of the body, which in return increases metabolic rate.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract – generally helps to block the sugar receptors lowering your appetite for starches and sugars.
  • Fucoxanthin extract – It helps in the regulation of glucose levels in your blood
  • Capsicum annum extract – Increases the rate at which fat is released from the body’s reserves for faster burning
  • Inactive ingredients include citric acid, glycerin, purified water and potassium sorbate.

How Nutravit Diet Drops work

The diet drops are easy to use, but you have to follow the instructions in the diet protocol to the letter.

This diet works by lowering your caloric intake, limiting you to 500 calories per day. However, since a man’s recommended daily calorie intake is 2500 and for women 2000, this is a huge deficit. It can make you feel super hungry to the extent of causing nausea, headaches and in some cases, fainting.

However, with this supplement and the accompanying diet plan, this is not going to happen because of a few things:

a) The first two days of using these diet drops include binge eating to pack your body with calories

b) You will have to take 10 to 15 drops of this supplement three times a day. They contain all the nutrients you need to fill the gap left by the low calorie diet. Nutravit diet drops also prevent you from hunger pangs and they regulate blood sugar.

How to use Nutravit Diet Drops

Using the dropper, place 10 to 15 drops of this supplement under your tongue three times a day for the entire 21 days of the first phase. It is best to set reminders so that you do not forget to take your daily dose.

On day 1 and day 2 – Binge-eat as much as you can from the foods advised in the diet plan. Take the diet drops.

On day 3 – embark on the low calorie – 500, 800 or 1200-calorie diet and take it for 21 days. Take the diet drops daily.

On the 22nd day, stop taking these diet drops and increase your food intake, but take nutritious foods only.

You enter the maintenance phase where you can introduce healthy starches to your food.

This is just a preview of how these drops work. There is a lot more in between the different phases of the diet.


  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Does not require a prescription
  • Helps to keep hunger pangs away
  • Has a comprehensive list of all ingredients used


Where to buy Nutravit Diet Drops

These diet drops are only available on the Nutravit official website . One bottle (a month’s supply) costs $59.00. You can order two bottles and get a free bottle to take you through three months at $118. For $177, you will pay for three bottles and get two free. Every purchase is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.

2. Complex Diet Drops by BioSource Nutra

Complex Diet Drops
Complex Diet Drops


When you want to lose weight using HCG drops, you had better choose the crème de la crème of the lot. They don’t come any better than the Nutravit Diet Drops and Complex Diet Drops.

These have been tested and proven over the time they have been helping people lose weight. The supplement is going to help you lose that weight in a healthy way, and without side effects.

What is Complex Diet Drops?

US-based BioSource Labs makes the Complex Diet Drops. BioSource uses FDA-approved labs to make this product. Therefore, you are assured that it meets the highest standards in production. This does not mean that the FDA approves the product, but they definitely do approve the production facilities and standards.

This product simulates how the HCG works. However, for it to work, you have to combine it with a high protein, vegetable and fruit diet. The good thing is that BioSource Labs have formulated a diet plan to go with their Drops.

Complex Diet Drops Ingredients

The Complex Diet Drops are a blend of essential and non-essential amino acids, among other ingredients.

Extracted from natural sources, this blend causes no side effects at all. Some of the ingredients are as follows:

  • L-Glutamine – This amino acid supports intestinal function. It also prevents post workout muscle soreness.
  • L-Arginine – This amino acid triggers the production of nitric acid in the body. The main function of the nitric acid is to dilate the blood vessels so that more blood can flow to various parts of the body.
  • L-Carnitine – It plays the important role of transferring the fatty acids to the mitochondria in the cell to be metabolized for energy.
  • L-Ornithine – This is a non-essential amino acid. It prevents the storage of fat in the body by enhancing fat metabolism.
  • Panax Ginseng extract – Korean Ginseng does so many things. This ingredient helps in energy production, fatigue reduction, immune system boosting and many more functions.
  • Other ingredients – There are tens of more ingredients such as Chromium Picolinate, Beta-Alanine, Citrus Paradisi extract, guarana extract, raspberry ketones, green tea extract and so many more.

How Complex Diet Drops work

When a woman is pregnant, the work of the HCG is to stimulate fat metabolism to create energy for the fetus.

The good thing is that when this hormone secretion is stimulated in a man’s body, it does the same job. It enhances fat metabolism, and that is how you start to lose weight.

The hypothalamus gland is responsible for nudging the body into activity mode. However, it needs some stimulation from time to time, especially with advancement in age. This is what the Complex Diet Drops does – it stimulates the hypothalamus gland.

How to use Complex Diet Drops

You should use these Drops on an empty stomach, three times a day before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner. Don’t drink or eat anything for 30 minutes after taking the drops.

These are drops, so you get your 60 ml bottle, take the dropper and drop 10 drops under your tongue. Let the drops stay there for about 30 seconds before you swallow it.

Combine these drops with a low caloric diet of 500, 800 or 1200 calories. Here is the correct way to take the Drops:

1. Binge Days – Eat everything you can lay your hands on, including junk food for 2 days. You want your body to store a lot of fat.

2. Low calorie diet – Third day, embark on your low calorie diet (choose what suits your body mass). Continue taking the Drops and only eat foods as approved on the Complex Diet Drops official website.

3. Stabilization – On the 22nd day, stop taking the Drops and continue taking a low calorie diet. Raise your calorie intake but only with nutritious meals.

4. Maintenance – Add sensible starches and sugars into your diet. Only eat cleanly, taking just the right quantity of calories.


  • Kick-starts the body’s metabolism
  • It raises the energy levels
  • You can lose up to 1 pound every day
  • Free shipping and 30-day money back guarantee


  • You have to use it with a diet
  • Some people experience dizziness when they start on the low diet
  • Where to buy Complex Diet Drops

One bottle (60 ml) of Complex Diet Drops costs $34.95. The more you buy, the lower the price. For instance, if you order 12 bottles, they come at a cost of $19.91, per bottle. An order of 8 bottles costs $21 per bottle and so on. You can buy the drops on the official website of the seller.

3. Official HCG Diet Drops

HCG Diet Drops
HCG Diet Drops

If you are looking for the best HCG drops, you might want to try the Official HCG Diet Drops. These ones are Homeopathic HCG, meaning they contain traces of HCG.

The supplement does not contain the HCG hormone itself, but it stimulates the hypothalamus gland to release HCG, which then burns fat for fuel.

Official HCG Diet Drops Overview

The manufacturer says that the Official HCG diet drops is going to help you lose up to 1 pound of weight a day, without experiencing hunger pangs.

NATO Supplements Inc. of the USA manufactures and markets this supplement. You not only get the product itself, but you also get the authentic Pounds & Inches eBook written by Dr. Simeons.

It also comes with recipe eBooks, and a weight loss protocol. This is the complete package for losing weight the healthy way.

Official HCG Diet Drops Ingredients

Here, we shall look at the active ingredients only. They are as follows:

  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone – This product actually contains the HCG hormone albeit in very low quantities. This ingredient activates the hypothalamus gland to signal the body to increase metabolic rate and suppress hunger.
  • L-Carnitine – This amino acid makes possible the transfer of the fatty acids to the mitochondria for metabolism. It also reduces or prevents inflammation and it lowers blood pressure.
  • Vitamin B12 – This vitamin also increases the rate of metabolism in the body. That way, the body metabolizes the fatty acids to produce energy. If you work out, Vitamin B12 prevents the early onset of fatigue.
  • L-Ornithine – This amino acid is going to convert ammonia to urea so that you can urinate it out. If ammonia accumulates in your body, it can be toxic.
  • Natrum Phosphate – This one helps to prevent nerve and muscle pain. It also enhances a feeling of calm and wellness in the body.
  • L-Arginine – This helps the insulin hormone to do its work properly, in essence controlling the blood sugar. It also stops the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels.

How it works

The reason why you are looking for a weight loss supplement is because you have fat. Now, when you take these drops, they stimulate the hypothalamus, which signals the body to go into activation mode.

The body starts burning the fat reserves for energy. That is how you lose weight.

The hypothalamus increases the metabolic rate. The body burns more fat for energy. If you start working out, you will need this energy. This supplement also lowers hunger pangs so you do not feel too hungry.

Also, the Official HCG promotes adrenal and liver health.

To get all the benefits of this weight loss supplement, you have to go through all the phases as recommended by NATO. They are as follows in brief:

Phase 1 – Eat everything you can find the first two days of using this supplement. This is the initiation phase so just eat so that the body can store reserves of fat. Here, you are not yet using the HCG drops.

Phase 2 – Now, you can start taking the recommended dosage of the supplement. As you continue to take the drops, your hunger pangs start to reduce and so the number of calories that you are taking start to reduce too.

Phase 3 – This is the last phase of using these diet drops. You shall continue the Phase 2 for 45 days and then after that, you can get into the maintenance phase. This is going to help you keep the weight lost and prevent your body from lapsing back to fat storage. In this phase, you should drink a lot of water and eat nutritious foods only.

How to use Official HCG Diet Drops

You have to consume these drops through the mouth. Using the dropper, place ten drops of this product under the tongue. Do this three times a day, so that will be about 30 drops daily.

It is important that you do not eat or drink anything 15 minutes before and after using the supplement so that it can be fully absorbed into the bloodstream. Take these drops with the Official HCG Diet as is in the recipes eBook.


  • You learn how to lose weight and keep it lost
  • You can lose tens of pounds a month
  • Easy to use, no hunger pangs
  • Promotes general body wellness


  • Weight loss time may differ from one person to another

Where to buy Official HCG Diet Drops

As usual, we recommend you get these drops from Official HCG Diet Plan , the official website. You can choose one, or more of the available 5 packages. These are:

  • · 1 oz bottle of HCG Diet Drops for $59.00/. It will last you 15 days
  • · 2 oz bottle at $79.00 to last you 21 days
  • · 4 oz bottle at $99.00 to last you 45 days
  • · 2 by 4 oz bottles at $129 to last you 90 days
  • · 2 by 4 oz bottles/Couples HCG diet plan at $129.00

4. HCG Warrior – One of the Best hCG drops Product for Weight Loss

HCG Warrior
HCG Warrior

Today, HCG Warrior is one of the most sought after weight loss diet drops in the market. But first, before you can buy this product, you want to know what it is.

HCG Warrior Overview

This is a proprietary blend of amino acids, real HCG hormone, water and other ingredients. The amount of the HCG hormone can be in the ranges of 6 times, 12 times, 30 and even 60 times.

In one month, the manufacturer says you can lose up to 29 pounds. This might not be true of all the users, but most seem to lose weight in one month.

HCG Warrior Ingredients

This product is a proprietary blend of certain ingredients, chief among them being the HCG hormone. It is available in strengths of 6, 12, 30 and 60 times.

  • L-Alanine amino acid is a good source of energy for the central nervous systems and muscles.
  • L-glycine has many benefits for your body. One of them is the prevention of damage to the liver. It also boosts metabolism so your body can burn more fat.
  • Tyrosine – among the many benefits of this amino acid, it helps the adrenal gland do its work. It also boosts energy so that you do not experience fatigue too early when you are working out.
  • Other ingredients used to make this blend include glandulars from liver, adrenal and thyroid.

How HCG Warrior Works

This supplement works by raising your metabolic rate and suppressing your appetite. That way, the body burns more fat and since you are not eating too many calories, you start to become leaner.

It contains the real HCG hormone, which kick-starts the hypothalamus to stimulate metabolism and fat breakdown.

When you buy this supplement, you also have to choose between a 27 or 40-day diet plan. The diet plans are also from HCG Warrior and it is recommended that you follow your plan to lose the weight and keep it that way.

How to use HCG Warrior

Place ten drops under your tongue and hold them there for about 30 seconds so that it can be absorbed. Do this three times a day and do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before dosing.


  • You can lose weight without exercising
  • No hunger pangs or dipped energy levels
  • Phone and email support from a team that has used
  • the products
  • Fair shipping time


  • The price might feel too steep for some people
  • Consistency is required for a couple of months

Where to buy HCG Warrior

Order this supplement from the HCG Warrior website .

The 27-day plan costs $109 and it comes with two, 2-oz bottles and a free beginner guide.

The 40-day plan comes with three, 2-oz bottles, free beginner guide and it costs $159.

The last plan is the two 27-day plan with four, 2-oz bottles, free guide and it costs $199.

5. Omni Drops: Best Diet Drops

Omni Drops
Omni Drops


These are Homeopathic OMNI Drops for weight loss. You can use them to kick-start your metabolism and lower your appetite. That is how these drops help you to lose weight since your body starts to burn fat for energy.


Sold by Omnitrition, which is based in the USA, the product is formulated in high quality facilities. They are extracted from natural sources so there are no side effects. If you need the best HCG drops to lose weight, try this supplement.

Omni Drops Ingredients

This is a high quality blend of certain powerful ingredients. They are as follows:

It contains real HCG in potency of 3, 6, 12, 30 and 60 times, so you can buy the most appropriate for your needs. HCG activates the gland called hypothalamus, which then sends signals to the body to increase its metabolic rate.

It also contains Vitamin B12, again in the quantities of 3, 6, 12, 30 and 60. Vitamin B12 is good for increasing the energy levels so you do not feel fatigued easily.

This supplement also has a good quantity of Mag Phos, which maintains good energy levels and prevents the onset of fatigue.

Lastly, there is Nat Phos, which is good for combating gas, belching and nausea, basically symptoms that are caused by an acid stomach .

How Omni Drops Works

Most of the diet drops work in a very similar way – they stimulate the hypothalamus gland. The gland stimulates the metabolic rate to get the body to burn more fat. Since it also suppresses hunger pangs, you will naturally lower your calorie intake. Eating less contributes to weight loss. It also contains a Vitamin blend that helps to conserve energy in the body.

Eat heavily the first two to three days to get your body to reserve as much fat as possible. Later, you will have to drop your calorie intake by 500 or 800 calories. This might make you feel queasy and lightheaded, but it is going to pass.

Follow the guidelines in the starter book to get maximum efficiency from this diet.

How to use Omni Drops

One bottle can give you 140 servings. Omnitrition says you should place 10 drops under your tongue three times a day.

Hold the drops right under the tongue for about 30 seconds so that it can be absorbed. Do not eat or drink anything before and after 15 minutes when taking the Omni Drops. It is best to use this product for at least 60 days.

For maximum efficiency, you should use this product alongside Dr. Simeons diet protocol. That is how you are going to burn fat, lose weight and still keep it lost.

Even when you lose the number of pounds you intended, continue eating a nutritious diet, drink a lot of water and use the Omni Drops for some time.


  • This program works as the seller says it will
  • No exercise needed – just follow meal plans
  • The cost for one bottle with Omni Drop Program is a bit costly
  • Comes with a list of approved foods and recipes


  • You must follow the diet protocol to lose weight
  • You cannot use the drops without the starter guide

Where to buy Omni Drops

The best place to buy Omni Drops is the official website . It is also available on the online marketplaces such as and WalMart. However, on the official site, you will get more information.

One bottle of these weight loss drops (with the program) costs $90.85. This bottle has 140 servings, so you should buy more than one bottle to see considerable results.

Unless there is a coupon code, there are no discounts even when you order more than one bottle.



Losing weight can be a pleasure rather than a punishment. However, to lose it the easy way, you have to get the best product.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone supplements fit the bill very well. In pregnant women, this hormone helps to burn fat to provide energy to the fetus. Even in any other person, this hormone is going to kick-start metabolism for energy production. Here, we would recommend the Nutravit Diet Drops . This supplement is affordable, and the more bottles you order, the bigger the discount you get. It helps you lose weight in a healthy way without experiencing nauseating hunger pangs.

Please note that all of the diet drops we have reviewed here need you to use a recommended diet program or protocol. The only way to lose weight and keep it low for a long time is to raise your metabolic rate and eat a nutrient-packed diet all the time.

Drink a lot of water since it contains zero calories. When you drink water, it helps you to stay sated longer, so you do not consume as many calories as before.

Do not use the HCG drops for one month only. It is best to use them for at least 3 months so that you can experience their efficiency fully.

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