Google needs your TV to be your Fitbit’s greatest pal

Although Google hasn’t commented on the rumor, Protocol, on behalf of unnamed sources, claims that the company plans to open the door to third-party interactive workout products that would leverage smartwatches and fitness trackers that exist under the Google banner — meaning, it would Work with Fitbit devices and wearables running Wear OS. The sources – who were reportedly alerted to the plans during a meeting in July – claim users could see their exercise and health data on the TV screen while exercising, including their real-time heart rate and calorie count they’ve burned.

The move wouldn’t be surprising given that such technologies have become very popular in recent years, in part due to the pandemic and the resulting shift from going to the gym to exercising at home. Peloton is arguably a leader in this industry and has even brought a similar system to users’ TVs via the Guide Cam. The big downside is that dedicated home fitness platforms often come at a high cost. In contrast, a fitness-centric integration between Google TV and Fitbit would allow many consumers to use the hardware they already own — or jump in at a far lower cost, since the Chromecast with Google TV is just $50 while Fitbit does trackers start at around $80.

That being said, this is said to be the start of a broader effort to combine Google’s smart TV platform and IoT ecosystem, effectively turning your TV into a portal to view your smart camera feeds (no doubt from Nest products) can control various aspects of their IoT-enabled homes. However, the latter plan may not be available to consumers until 2024, at least according to the report.

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