Get a head begin in your health targets for the New Yr with this discounted Pilates machine

AeroPilates® Precision Series Reformer on a colored background.

TL;DR: Beginning December 4th, you can get the AeroPilates® Precision Series Reformer for just $542.99 instead of $679—that’s a 20% discount.

There’s no rule that says you can’t start your New Year’s resolution a little earlier. If your goal is to work on your fitness, it may even be a good idea to get into the habit early on. You can even avoid the January gym rush by exercising at home, but you need good equipment.

The AeroPilates® Precision Series Reformer is a total body exercise machine that can help you burn fat, tone and strengthen your muscles. AeroPilates® normally costs $679, but you can get it for $542.99.

Ring in the New Year with a full-body fitness program

Work toward these fitness goals without cluttering up your home with a bunch of different exercise equipment. The AeroPilates® Reformer lets you work through traditional Pilates routines and provides you with a low-impact cardio workout. Pilates exercises are designed to be simple and easy to learn and suitable for all exercise experience levels.

Choose from four resistance springs for eight intensity levels. You can also adjust the angle of the straps and switch between a padded foot bar or the cardio rebounder for different types of exercises.

If you feel like you have too many choices, just check out the free online video packs that give you an overview of what you can do with your AeroPilates® and a few workouts to try. The foam shoulder pads and adjustable headrest can help you stay comfortable and supported during your workout.

A great way to start your home gym

The best time to start working on that New Year’s fitness resolution is now. Bring the gym to you and start building muscle, tone and burn fat. Get the AeroPilates® Precision Series Reformer with a 20% discount for $542.99 (reg. $679).

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AeroPilates® Precision Series Reformer on a white background.

AeroPilates® Precision Series Reformer on a white background.

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