Georgia should “reinvent” themselves for the School Soccer Playoff Nationwide Championship three-peat.

Georgian football and coach Kirby Smart won his second consecutive national championship with a 65-7 takedown of TCU on Monday night. The Bulldogs became the first program since its inception to win back-to-back college football playoff titles.

Speaking to the media Tuesday afternoon, Smart was asked about the Bulldogs’ potential for a three-peat.

“So when I think about the next one, I think it’s going to be a lot harder,” Smart said. “And I think we need to reinvent ourselves next year because you can’t just stay like that. Like these two guys up here, they’re coming back. And we’ve got a lot of guys coming back, I think, and it’s easy to feel comfortable. And comfortable doesn’t win.”

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Here’s what Smart, defensive back Javon Bullard and tight end Brock Bowers had to say the day after Georgia won the national championship:

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