George Santos seems to confess the drag queen’s previous in a wiki submit

The wiki biography was last edited on April 29, 2011. It contains basic information consistent with the newly sworn congressman, including Devolder’s birth on July 22, 1988 to a Brazilian family of European descent.

Anthony Devolder’s wiki bio, which is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, appears to have fantastical descriptions of his alleged show business career. | Wikipedia

Santos has used the name Anthony Devolder elsewhere for online accounts.

His office forwarded requests for comment to an outside worker, who did not immediately respond. But if the person who created Anthony Devolder’s wiki biography was anyone other than Santos, that would mean someone used the same alias and biographical details as he did a dozen years ago, all for a user page, that no one else would see.

The emergence of the wiki biography is another twist in a week-long saga of lies and embellishment. The New York Republican was caught fabricating his own resume on everything from his business career, his educational achievements and the manner of his mother’s death. He has admitted he misled important parts of his bio but has also insisted other politicians have done the same.

Anthony Devolder’s wiki bio, which is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, appears to have fantastical descriptions of his alleged show business career. It is claimed that he played a role in Disney’s “Hannah Montana”.

It was apparently just the first of several attempts by Santos to edit his biography on the internet encyclopedia – steps that further show just how far he went to curate his life story.

In November, a wiki user named Devmaster88 edited the Wikipedia page for then-Congressman-elect George Santos (a page separate from the wiki biography for Anthony Devolder). The user edited the Santos personal life section and made changes to his middle name. Around this time, another account, georgedevolder22, also made changes to Santos’ public Wikipedia page, removing the entire middle name, Anthony Devolder, so the biography was shortened to George Santos.

Wikipedia does not reveal the identity of the users. However, both accounts were subsequently banned from the site. Moderators wrote as part of the ban that Devmaster88 is “abusing multiple accounts” and that it’s likely an extension of Georgedevolder22.

Santos, a Republican, has denied relatively few allegations that he lied about his past. But he denied the drag performances, first revealed by MSNBC reporter Marisa Kabas, who released a photo in 2008 that she claims shows Santos dressed in drag. Kabas also spoke to a Brazilian drag queen who was said to be friends with Santos when he lived near Rio de Janeiro and used the stage name Kitara.

On Thursday, the New York Post translated a video from Portuguese in which what appears to be Santos talks about performing in drag. The video was later posted online by the Daily Mail.

Santos has rejected repeated calls by Republicans to step down over the counterfeits, despite investigations into his finances. In recent days, he dismissed separate allegations by New Jersey veterans who claimed he fled with thousands of dollars earmarked for life-saving surgery for one of their ailing dogs.

In the 2011 wiki bio, user Anthony Devolder intersperses show business credits that sound similarly untrue. He describes his Hollywood career as starting after meeting a producer on the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day. He credits the director as Steven Spielberg (he misspelled his last name as “Spilberg”) and claims to have appeared in “a couple of TV shows and DISNEY Channel shows like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the hit Hanna.”[h] Montana.”

The wiki bio ends with Santos writing that two years ago he “taped his very first film start [sp] uma turman, [sp] Chris Odanald, [sp] Melissa George, [sp] and Alicia Silverstone [sp] in the movie “THE INVASION”.

The Invasion is a 2007 sci-fi/thriller film with roots in the Body Snatchers storyline and starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

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