Gadgets stolen from Virginia Tech Hokies gamers’ lockers throughout the loss in Outdated Dominion

Virginia Tech’s trip to Old Dominion on Friday is getting worse and worse.

After the Hokies lost 17-20 on Brent Pry’s debut as head coach, the players returned to the locker room to find that items had been stolen from their lockers during the game.

Former Virginia Tech player Eric Kumah tweeted a tip about the theft just after midnight Saturday morning, and the school responded Sunday, saying police were investigating the matter.

“The Athletic Department of Virginia Tech confirmed that items were missing from the Virginia Tech locker room following Friday night’s football game against Old Dominion in Norfolk,” the statement said. “The university is cooperating with law enforcement and Old Dominion University on this matter and will have no further comment.”

The Hokies’ Journey to Old Dominion was a comedy of mistakes. ODU took a 10-7 lead at halftime, and the Virginia Tech coaches were late coming back into the second half after being caught in a malfunctioning elevator.

When play resumed, the Hokies fared better and staged a comeback to take a 17-13 lead in the final three minutes. But Hokies quarterback Grant Wells threw his third interception of the day with 2:58 left, and the Monarchs marched 59 yards for a go-ahead touchdown.

Virginia Tech passed Old Dominion by 95 yards and had 20 first downs against ODU’s 13, but five Hokies turnovers resulted in the Monarchs’ upset win.

“They wanted to make plays, they wanted to play hard, but I definitely think they were pushing and sloppy,” Pry said. “You want people to deserve it, and we didn’t do that.”

It was the second embarrassing defeat at ODU for the Hokies, who also lost there in 2018 with 49:35.

Virginia Tech is scheduled to play at the Old Dominion in 2024, 2027, 2029 and 2031.

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