Gabby Petito’s mother and father endure burns after studying letter from Brian Laundrie’s mother and father in civil lawsuit – CNN

  1. Gabby Petito’s parents suffer burns after reading Brian Laundrie’s parents’ letter in a civil lawsuit, according to CNN
  2. Gabby Petito case: Brian Laundrie’s mother promised her son a shovel, a garbage bag and a prison cake in a love letter Fox News
  3. Cremation After Reading Letter: Brian Laundrie’s mother offered WFLA a shovel and garbage bags to dispose of the body if needed
  4. Petito case reopened: New evidence will change the course of the case Wink News
  5. Lawsuit against Gabby Petito: Judge denies request to withhold Roberta Laundrie’s ‘burn after reading’ letter to son Fox News
  6. For full coverage, see Google News

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