Fraser Allport, a trustee, publishes his particular report: Why work with a trustee?

experience counts.

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40 years of experience

Fraser Allport, a trustee, publishes his special report: Why work with a trustee?

All knowledge comes from experience. ”

– Albert Einstein

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, FL, UNITED STATES, Dec. 11, 2022 / — “Trustee” is derived from the Latin word “fiduciarius” in the 1630s.

The word means “to hold something in trust”, from Latin fiduciarius “entrusted, held in trust”, from fiducia “trust, trust, confidence”; in law “a down payment, a pledge, a security”, from the root of fidere “to trust”. In Roman law fiducia was “a right vested in trust”.

In short, a trustee is someone you trust.
Someone who is charged – legally and ethically – with serving your best interests.

An investor wants to work with a trustee because your money is at stake.
Trustees are subject to the highest legal and ethical standards.

Brokers are not trustees.
They are not subject to the same standards as a trustee.

Please read this article on trustee vs broker:

Fraser Allport has been in business for 40 years.
He’ll be here if you need him.

Entrust your retirement provision to an experienced professional.
Work with a trustee who is also independent.

Don’t settle for less.
Schedule your free consultation with Fraser Allport, a Trustee and Certified Estate Planner™ at:

Drawing on 40 years of knowledge and experience… Fraser Allport is The Total Advisor™, an Escrow and DROP Specialist.
As a fiduciary, Fraser focuses on security of capital and guaranteed income for its clients. Retirement is all about income: receiving monthly checks.

Remember the two golden rules of investing:

1) Don’t go it alone. Get professional help.
2) It’s never too early to start planning for retirement.

Fraser Allport can make learning about your money easy and fun because a true trustee is a teacher, tutor, mentor, coach and shepherd.
Schedule a free consultation with Fraser at:

It’s never too early to start planning your retirement.
Your financial decisions before retirement will literally stay with you for the rest of your life.

Drawing on 40 years of knowledge and experience… Fraser Allport is The Total Advisor™, a Trustee and FRS DROP Specialist.
For 40 years, Fraser has helped law enforcement, firefighters, teachers and FRS DROP members plan for their retirement. He can help you too.

All of Fraser’s previous FRS DROP articles are archived at:

Fraser is a Certified Estate Planner™
Check out Fraser’s estate planning services at:

For Fraser’s biography, services and testimonials go to:

Watch Fraser’s videos on his YouTube channel:

Follow Money and Markets at:

With 40 years of financial services experience, Fraser Allport can help you with all your questions about FRS DROP, deferred compensation and 403b plans, income taxes, Medicare, Social Security and estate planning.

Customer references are available upon request.

Be a good steward of your money.
Call Fraser, a finance professional with 40 years of experience.

You call a pro for every other project in your life, right?

Please consider Fraser’s invitation to a free consultation to help you start your exit plan into retirement.
Schedule your free consultation with Fraser Allport at:

Starting a project is the hard part, but Fraser can help you with a plan of action.
Simply schedule your free consultation with Fraser or call him at 386.882.6256 in Florida.

Fraser can work in all 50 states.

Fraser understands all aspects of financial services and is the Total Advisor™.
An experienced and independent trustee for all your financial needs.

Fraser can help you with an ACTION PLAN below for retirement:

Fraser can help you with the very first steps you need to take to exit your DROP.
Fraser can help you meet the dates and deadlines for submitting your DROP exit forms.
Fraser can help you determine what forms are needed and assist you in completing them.
Fraser can help you make decisions about how to invest your DROP rollover money wisely.
Fraser can help you optimize your unused DROP sick days and vacation days.
Fraser can help you maximize your Social Security benefits for both you and your spouse. Note: Social Security decisions are irrevocable after 12 months.
Fraser can help you choose your health plan, Medicare, Medicare supplements, home and long-term care. Most LTC take place in your home.
Fraser can help you coordinate your retirement plans with your spouse’s retirement plans. You and your spouse want to be in sync when it comes to retirement.
Fraser can help you reduce your income taxes in retirement. Don’t overpay your income taxes. What a waste of money. Pay the correct tax amount.
Fraser can help you with your estate and legacy planning. Fraser is a Certified Estate Planner™. Leave a legacy, not a mess.
Fraser can help you get your home in order with wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, health directives, definitive expenses, etc.
Fraser can help you with a home health care plan tailored just for you. Act now while your health still allows it. Home care is the future of long-term care.

These are big decisions for you… with really big consequences.
When you retire, you are about to make some of the most important financial decisions of your entire life:

social insurance
estate planning
What to do with your DROP lump sum, IRAs, 403b, and Deferred Compensation accounts?

Be smart with your money because it’s your nest egg.
Your pension is at stake here. These are lifelong decisions.

It’s too late in life to lose money.
Invest wisely and with a trustee.

Prepare for retirement… and prepare for longevity.
Retirement is all about security of capital and guaranteed income. Be safe and sleep well.9

Due to his knowledge and experience for 40 years …
Fraser Allport is… “The Total Advisor™”

Schedule your free consultation with Fraser Allport, a Trustee and Certified Estate Planner™ at:

The Total Advisor, LLC is an independent retirement, Social Security, Medicare, income tax and estate planning firm owned by Fraser Allport. Investment advisory services are provided by Coppell Advisory Solutions, LLC, dba Fusion Capital Management, an SEC-registered investment adviser doing business in states in which it is registered or de-registered.

SEC registration does not constitute an endorsement by the SEC and does not represent the Advisor’s skills or abilities. All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss

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