Followers reward Reginae Carter after she showcased her weight reduction

Queen Carter proved that she is a woman of her word.

In an Instagram post shared on July 11, the 23-year-old revealed — and shared her progress in a compilation video — that she’s been able to keep the commitment she’s made to her weight-loss journey was received.

Reginae Carter Shows Off Her Weight Loss By Sharing Compilation Video Photo: @itsreginaecarter/Instagram

She has been spotted performing a variety of exercises including overhead presses, lunges, weight squats, crunches and many more alongside the track “Drop” by Timberland, Magoo and Fatman Scoop. At the same time, the model gave fans a front and side view of her toned physique by posing for the camera after almost every workout.

In addition to the post, Carter called out to the many people who have helped her achieve her weight loss goals. She wrote in the caption: “Trust the process! IYKYK ! I told you all I lost that weight and what did I do???? Thanks to @[email protected] @teamweightnomore #westillnotdone #nodaysoff #stayhealthyandfit #IFITIN.”

When fans saw Carter’s video, many gushed about her findings. A few people went so far as to say that Carter was handsome either way. It’s unclear what Carter weighed beforehand.

Reginae Carter Side view of her toned abs after a workout Photo:@itsreginaecarter/Instagram

“And you look amazing before and after.”

“You look good, glad you reached your goal.”

“The procedure worked!!! You looked amazing.”

“I really see you in grind mode!! No matter what shape or size, you will always be sexy ASF.”

“You go, Nae! The most perfect representation of HEALTH IS WEALTH.”

Among the previous comments, others mentioned that Carter’s video motivated her to take her weight loss journey seriously. One wrote: “You just motivated me to keep going.” While complimenting Carter, another said: “So good. My motivation. Keep going.”

A third Instagram user said: “Luv it! I remember when you and your mother started. I’m on my way too. Thanks for the motivation. Lil Carter.”

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