Followers of ‘The Crew’ have seen Gary Anthony Williams’ Weight Loss

It can always be annoying when fans of a particular celebrity, public figure, or artist see that they are experiencing a big change in a relatively short period of time.

It doesn’t help that, if a project actually hits the big or small screen, it has likely been in the can for about a year, which could add to the inequality in its appearance. What I’m getting at is, if you don’t see someone every day, a big change like Gary Anthony Williams’ weight loss is a big deal.

Gary Anthony Williams’ weight loss was immediately noticed by viewers of the new Netflix comedy directed by Kevin James.

When The Crew debuted on Netflix the day after Valentine’s Day, people were shocked to not only see Kevin James shaved, but that longtime comic book actor and spokesman Gary Anthony Williams had lost a lot of weight.

And when I mean a lot of weight, I’m talking about 155 pounds. brought Gary to around 30kg in 2001. However, it seems like he’s gradually working on losing the extra bees he’s been packing on in recent years, which has given an extra boost in recent years. Now he’s walking around at an estimated £ 195.

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Maybe you noticed him in the 2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or in recurring roles on Malcolm in the Middle, Boston Legal, and Whose Line Is It Anyway? He’s also voiced characters in Star Wars: Clone Wars, Rebels, and Resistance, along with a ton of other TV shows your kids are likely to see like Doc McStuffins, Puppy Dog Pals, and shows your kids don’t like Bob’s Burgers and American should see papa!

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Man, Gary Anthony Williams, aka Abe from Malcolm in the middle, now looks so healthy and fantastic after losing weight. Kudos 👏👏

– phat nat (@ 555natalie555) March 17, 2018

Fans of the actor went to Twitter to congratulate him on his weight loss and shock when he saw such a dramatic change.

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The salmon trail wasn’t the best idea. Gary Anthony Williams, who plays Chuck, was a standout. They made Jake the driver too simple. The references to the other drivers were nice to hear. Will it win any prizes, no, but it was a simple, easy, and fun watch.

– Jo_tiedeken (@ jodevita9), February 15, 2021

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While he’s definitely been noticeably leaner over the past few years, a lot of people are noticing for the first time since seeing Kevin James’ new show.

Gary Anthony Williams weight loss is actually amazing lol

– The moon makes the ocean twerk. (@MoodieBay) March 12, 2019

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And while many say The Crew is “nothing special” and complain that it still includes a laugh track, remember that The King of Queens played for nine seasons and 207 episodes. There definitely seems to be a place where you can just watch traditional sitcoms, even if people aren’t exactly proud to see them.

Netflix has a new show called The Crew about a NASCAR racing crew.

My parents worked for a NASCAR team for about 15 years and I can’t see my parents on them. I mean look at this.

– “Whitney” (@itswhittles) February 17, 2021

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