Fireplace ants generally is a downside if you happen to’re not cautious

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) — As temperatures get warmer, you’re more likely to see critters.

An ordinary but annoying creepy crawler can do more harm than good.

fire ants.

A sting from one will be uncomfortable when that happens

FOX Carolina spoke to emergency room physician Dr. Nathaniel Mann, who says a fire ant bite/sting will be painful and leave swelling at the site.

“Usually the sores develop into little pustules, your little tiny pockets of pus. At that point, they will eventually dissipate over time,” explained Dr. Man.

We posted about it on Facebook and a lot of people chimed in with home remedies.

The comments varied; Some say bleach, ammonia, toothpaste, vinegar, essential oils, and more are ways to relieve the pain of a sting.

“I probably wouldn’t recommend any of these products,” said Dr. Man. “I think the best thing for fire ant bites is topical Benadryl if they’re really itchy. If they are very bad, you may need steroids.

For those who are allergic to ants, it is recommended to keep EpiPen nearby at all times.

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