Execs Define 9 Steps You Should Do Earlier than Promoting Your Residence In San Antonio

Selling your home in the hot San Antonio housing market can be a breeze, especially if you have a good preparation plan. Investing the time and energy in your home prior to listing can make a huge difference in attracting buyers.

These tips from San Antonio real estate, the Alamo City real estate professionals, will have people queuing to see your newly listed home as soon as it hits the market.

1. Understand the current value of your home

What you paid and invested in your home is not necessarily the price that is listed now. Changes in the housing market in your neighborhood, city, or even across the country can drastically affect the value of your home. Use a tool like Market Snapshot for a comprehensive analysis of the value of your home.

2. Create a move plan

If you are selling your home it is likely that you are in the market to buy a new one. Before you advertise your home, make a plan so that you have a clear path to your new home. Realty San Antonio’s Cash Bridge programs give you the option to buy your next home before selling your current one, all with the flexibility to move on your own schedule.

3. Identify required repairs

Take a walk around your house and write down any repairs, large or small, that should be done prior to listing. Look for things like cracks in the driveway or broken equipment, blown lightbulbs, or touch up paintwork. Hire a professional inspector to tour your house to identify the hard-to-spot problems like mold or cracks in the foundation. Once you’ve made the list of repairs, you can either pay for the updates now or include them in the cost of sale.

4. Clean up and organize

Storage space is a big selling point – you want your home to look as spacious as possible, especially when it comes to closets, closets, and the garage. Let buyers imagine how they would fill the space by shrinking your items by 50 percent and organizing whatever was left over.

5. Apply a fresh coat of (neutral) paint

Are you looking for an easy way to redesign your home from scratch? A quick paint job in a neutral shade like beige or light gray gives buyers a chance to imagine their belongings in the room as these colors go with almost anything.

6. Increase your attractiveness for curbs

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but homebuyers disagree. The outside is the first thing buyers see when they see your listing. So take the time to add to your attractiveness by giving the facade and garden of your home some maintenance. Remove the weeds and overgrown shrubs, and make way for neat landscaping. Use a power washing machine to wash your home to rid it of dirt and debris. If your HOA allows, freshen up the exterior paint as well.

7. Neutralize odors

If you live in your home day in and day out, you probably can’t smell the scents that surround you. But first-time potential buyers certainly can, and anything unpleasant or unfamiliar will put them off. Use home remedies like candles or baking and either do a thorough cleaning yourself or hire a professional service to remove anything that remains.

8. Invest in professional staging

Homes that have been professionally staged are known to sell faster and often for a higher dollar value. The staging depersonalizes your space so that it can appeal to a large number of buyers looking for a ready-to-move home while at the same time showing what the rooms can offer.

9. Hire a real estate professional

Do not control the sales process of your home alone. Hire a professional local agent to manage the sale of your home and get the best price on your investment.

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