EXCLUSIVE: Malaika Arora Reveals Her Publish Yoga Meal, Pores and skin & Hair Care Secrets and techniques

Whether you know her as a reality show juror or actress, as a producer or simply as a yoga inspiration – with Malaika Arora there is no denying her. Aside from her Bollywood trip, she has become a household name in the health and food sectors. In addition to her yoga asanas and tips, she also regularly reveals her nutritional and foodie secrets to us. A quick scroll through her Instagram account shows you how she really believes in staying fit. In an exclusive conversation with NDTV Food, the actress-model spoke about everything to do with food, fitness and health. She revealed her morning rituals, hair and skin routines, post-yoga food, and her personal mantra to keep fit at all times.

Food occupies an important place in Malaika Arora’s life, as she clearly states: “For me, food is an essential part of self-care. Being mindful of what we eat and what we expose our body to is just as important to us as exercise is to our holistic wellbeing. “Malaika Arora had become a vegan and followed the diet for a long time. When asked about the experience, she said: “I was a vegan for 3 years before I fought against Covid, according to which I eat a balanced, wholesome and nutritious diet.”

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How does a typical day in the life of Malaika Arora begin? She replies, “I’m an early riser. I start my morning with oil pulling, followed by a cup of immune water made from hot water, ginger, and lemon.” The actress has always been a strong advocate of yoga, which is why the practice is an integral part of her everyday life. About her post-yoga meal, she reveals, “I do my yoga routine, followed by a clean, healthy breakfast. It usually consists of avocado toast, a green smoothie, baked eggs, or sweet potato hash browns with sautéed vegetables.”

So does Malaika always like healthy and clean food? Believe it or not, the diva has a list of favorites too when it comes to indulging in guilty pleasures every now and then. She says of her favorite cheat meal: “I love a balanced curry with rice. People think I don’t eat rice, but that’s absolutely not true. A nice bowl of rice and a delicious curry are part of my feel-good meal. “

Despite her busy schedule, the diva has a secret or personal mantra to stay fit and eat healthily at all times. She says: “I eat in moderation, on time and, most importantly, I never skip my meals,” she reveals. Hence, portion control is key.

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As for cooking, we all know what an expert Malaika Arora is. From Kadhi Chawal to spaghetti, she cooks everything with the same skill. But what dish does her son Arhaan always ask of her? “Biryani,” she replies. As for the desserts, can you guess Malaika Arora’s favorite Indian sweet that she loves to make at home? None other than the calming and melt-in-the-mouth Besan ka Ladoo.

Malaika Arora believes that kitchen ingredients are useful not only to be eaten, but also as home remedies to maintain good hair and skin. “I swear by natural ingredients on my kitchen shelf for skin and hair care. Cinnamon, honey and lemon juice combine to make a great face mask. Onion juice works wonders for all hair problems. Try it out!” she recommends. The actress also took part in a rapid-fire round of “this or that” questions. Just look:

The concept of bowl meals is also hitting the market these days, and Malaika Arora agrees, “Bowl meals are a wonderful way to package nutritious and delicious foods so they’re easy to eat. While bowls are often filled with nutritious and Associated with healthy eating, there is a perception that it is not delicious or that it doesn’t taste that good. I wanted to break that myth. I launched Nude Bowls exclusively with EatSure, with a promise of the goodness of flavors without To compromise on taste and enjoyment. “

Regarding her future plans, she says, “I will add seasonal favorites to the menu and create new brews based on reactions and feedback. I am absolutely thrilled with the kind of initial response I have received.”

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