Everlast is democratizing boxing at residence with the brand new Everlast Health cellular platform

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE). Within the platform, users have access to HIIT, cardio, core, plyometrics, strength, and boxing workouts. These can all be done with or without devices via a monthly subscription to use at home, available on Apple iOS, Android, Roku, AppleTV and desktop.

Leveraging the support and guidance of world-class legends, including WBC and UBF champion Heather “The Heat” Hardy and unified welterweight champion and former Olympic gold medalist Errol Spence Jr., the platform aims to empower everyone, from fitness -Beginner to pro, to serve. Within the app, they’ll find the knowledge and resources they need to stay motivated and progress to discover their inner champion.

“As a boxer, I’m constantly working on my craft with my trainer. Having the support of my camp makes it easy to stay on point and stay focused, but not everyone has the resources that pro boxers have,” says Errol Spence Jr. “It’s important for me to share my knowledge and experience benefits accumulated throughout my career and to be part of this platform that gives everyone access to training at all experience levels.”

Everlast is taking another step towards democratizing boxing by giving the first 1,000 new members 1 year free this summer. With new content added regularly, the 112-year-old legendary boxing brand offers a variety of different training courses from certified professional trainers and professional Everlast fighters.

“Boxing training has really evolved over the years, as we’ve seen with the advent of boxing features and games,” said Chris Zoller, Everlast’s vice president of marketing and product development. “Through Everlast Fitness, we look forward to making connections with coaches and world-class athletes more accessible as the leading brand in boxing.”

This launch follows the announcement that Everlast has signed Nico Ali Walsh, grandson of the great Muhammad Ali, and the release of an NFT of Deontay Wilder’s custom gauntlet ahead of the historic Tyson Fury III fight, furthering a commitment to innovation and the world of boxing.

Everlast Fitness can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple and online at www.everlastfitnessapp.com. Visit www.everlast.com for more information.

About Everlast Worldwide Inc.

Everlast has been the preeminent brand in boxing since 1910 and the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and licensor of boxing, MMA and fitness equipment. From legendary champions Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson to current superstars Dustin Poirier and Deontay Wilder, Everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion pro athletes. Built on a brand heritage of strength, dedication, individuality and authenticity, Everlast is a necessary part of the lives of countless champions. Everlast is based in Manhattan and sells its products in more than 75 countries and on 6 continents. Visit www.everlast.com for more information.

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