England begins resort quarantine for its residents arriving from overseas

London: All British and Irish citizens, as well as UK residents, who come to England after staying in a high risk country in Covid are now required to be quarantined in hotels. Also Read – COVID-19: No new cases were reported in 188 districts in the past week, the Department of Health says

The “Red List” of 33 countries includes Portugal, Brazil and South Africa. The new regulations, which aim to prevent the entry of Covid-19 variants, will apply to arrivals who have been in one of these locations in the past 10 days, the BBC reported on Monday. Also Read – Coronavirus Vaccine: Home Remedies For Side Effects

You need to book in advance and pay £ 1,750 to quarantine for 10 days in government approved hotels. Also Read – Coronavirus: Center Issues New Office Guidelines. Check important details here

That covers the cost of hotel, transportation and testing.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the emergence of new variants means the government must “go further” with its travel restrictions.

According to the government, it has already signed contracts with 16 hotels and provided 4,963 rooms for the new quarantine system. Another 58,000 rooms are currently in readiness.

“The rules that come into force today will strengthen the quarantine system and provide another layer of security against new variants at the border,” said Hancock.

The Minister of Health added that the measures were “important for protecting our vaccination program”.

On Sunday the government announced that more than 15 million people in the UK had received their first coronavirus sting in what the Prime Minister described as a “significant milestone”.

All travelers who come to Scotland by plane from abroad – and not just those from the 33 high-risk countries – have to go to quarantine hotels.

People traveling to Wales and Northern Ireland from Red List countries must book and pay for the quarantine in England as there are no direct international flights to either destination.

Any passenger who has to stay at a quarantine hotel in England must reserve a room online in advance through a government portal.

The additional cost for an additional adult or child over 12 years old is £ 650, and for a child between five and 12 years old is £ 325.

Those who are not quarantined in such hotels face fines of £ 5,000 to £ 10,000, while anyone on their passenger locator finds themselves on the red list in a country facing a prison sentence of up to 10 years becomes.

A new testing regime has also been introduced for all travelers arriving in England, requiring two tests during the quarantine process.

They must get a test on days two and eight of their 10-day quarantine period, whether they are isolated at home or in a hotel. The tests run by NHS Test and Trace cost travelers £ 210.

Those who fail the tests could face a £ 2,000 fine.

On Sunday, the government said that within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19, an additional 258 people had died in the UK, bringing the total to 117,166. There were an additional 10,972 confirmed cases.

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