Easy methods to Get an On-line Private Coach for Digital Exercises

After nearly a year of the coronavirus pandemic that turned our world upside down and found various ways to comfortably live our lives at home, it’s likely that you’ve turned your fitness routine upside down. On the flip side, you may still be struggling to find the perfect situation (and want to shed a few pounds of your quarantine weight). In that case we have the best solution for you.

If you had a personal trainer before COVID, you probably haven’t had a training session with them in a long time. But we have good news: You can still get that undivided attention with Tempo Studio!

Tempo is an all-in-one home fitness system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D sensors to give certified trainers instant form feedback so you can achieve your fitness goals – a first of its kind!

As an added benefit, Tempo Studio is giving New York Post readers a $ 100 discount with the code NYP100.

Learning timeTempo membership costs an additional $ 39 per month (or $ 1.30 per day).

The brand offers over 500 live and on-demand courses to focus on each muscle group in different categories: high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio boxing, strength training, mobility, traditional cardio and recovery formats. The best part? New classes are added every day so you never get tired of doing repetitive workouts.

Unlike other popular home workouts like spinning or running on a treadmill, the Tempo allows you to train almost all muscles and burn calories as well.

Classes are taught by world class coaches from studios such as Equinox, Orange Theory, Barry’s and others. World-class AI provides real-time guidance and motivation – it provides the safest, most efficient workout while exercising from the comfort of your home. Customized 3 to 6 week programs are available for everyone, from beginners to experts.

Learning time

If a friendly competition motivates you, Tempo also has a live leaderboard where you can compete with friends and fellow Tempo members, so you get that extra boost exactly when you need it. Every employee takes you further up, but be careful – bad form will cost you!

One important thing that sets Tempo apart from its competitors is that it contains everything you need to make a great workout. It comes with a full Olympic weight set – two dumbbells, a barbell, assorted plates and collars – that allow users to lift between 7.5 and 100 pounds – an exercise mat, premium recreational roll and even a heart rate monitor. They also have 25- and 45-pound weight plates for those with a little more experience.

The Tempo design is so beautiful that your guests won’t even notice that it’s initially a training system. With a compact footprint of 3 square meters, it fits seamlessly into any room in your home. It’s equipped with an immersive 42-inch HD touchscreen, and all of the equipment is neatly arranged in the easel cabinet and shelves hidden in the back.

If you’re ready to get going and stick to your New Year’s resolutions, Tempo Studio may be the way to do it!

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