Easter Ross Slimming World Weight Loss Star Is Successful Once more – And Here is Why She Loves It!

Donna Russell with her son Marshall Millar. She is expecting her second child. Image: Callum Mackay

A leaner Invergordon who lost more than six and a half stones has started winning them again – but it’s good news as she is expecting her second baby.

Donna Russell, 32, said she always struggled to keep her weight in check but was determined to stay healthy for her baby until May – and inspire other women.

Ms. Russell admitted seeing her first pregnancy as a green light to have her favorite take away food, which resulted in her first dramatic weight loss going away.

The mother, who hopes to be able to get married in October after two attempts thwarted by the Covid crisis, wants to tell other women that it is possible to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.

She said: “Unfortunately we lost a baby after an ectopic pregnancy and I always struggled with my weight. The hospital told me that losing weight would improve my chances of conceiving. So i did. I lost a lot of weight to help conceive our first baby and after long trying I finally got pregnant with Marshall, who is now 15 months old.

Donna Russell before her weight loss.Donna Russell before her weight loss.

“When I got pregnant, I saw the green light to eat what I wanted. My partner and I had takeaway most nights and the weight was just getting back on. “

She returned to the Slimming World plan and dropped six and a half stones. Then she got pregnant and won again.

She said, “When I started winning I was really disappointed because I know how that affects my energy levels and I am less able to move around. So I decided to go back to Slimming World and see if there was anything I could do. And of course there was.

“I’m 14 stone and 3 pounds now, but I’m healthy and I’m 26 weeks pregnant. I know that I am in control of my food, and I know that it is not only good for me but also for my baby. “

She’d already bought a wedding dress when it was heavier – and now she might have an excuse to buy a new, smaller outfit for the big day.

Donna Russell after her weight loss.Donna Russell after her weight loss.

Stuart Malcolm, District Development Manager at Slimming World, said, “Significant weight loss is often associated with fast diet or restrictive plans. However, we can see from our research that it is possible to achieve great results on the scales by following a healthy, balanced eating plan.

“Donna’s journey is now about healthy habits during pregnancy – instead of losing weight. We are very proud of their success. “

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