Dwelling cures for physique pimples

The back is very rich in sebaceous glands. That is why she is prone to blackheads, pimples, pimples and acne. In fact, blackheads lead to acne. Dandruff can also cause back acne. In fact, severe acne on the back is referred to as “bakne.” Acne can also appear on the shoulders and upper arms, especially when scales are present.
Pay special attention to your back when bathing. Use a long-handled brush, loofah, or coarse washcloth to gently scrub your back and shoulders while bathing. This keeps the pores clean. Clogged pores can lead to blackheads and pimples.
Like face scrubs, a body scrub works wonders. Make one at home by mixing rice flour with cottage cheese and a pinch of turmeric. Apply the mixture and rub gently on the skin of the back, shoulders and upper arms. Apply it on the long handled brush and use the brush on the back side. Then wash off with water. This helps remove dead cells, leaving skin clearer and more radiant. Exfoliants help remove and discourage blackheads. You can also apply the available ready-to-use scrubs.
Here are some home wraps for the body acne. Get help to attach them to the back:
For acne, pimples and pimples, mix cinnamon powder with lemon juice and a few drops of honey. Apply only directly to the eruptions. Leave on for an hour. Sandalwood paste can also be applied to pimples and acne. For pimples and greasy back, mix Multani Mitti with sandalwood, rose water and lemon juice to form a paste. Apply to back and other acne-prone areas three times a week. Wash off after drying.
Simmer a handful of neem leaves in 6 cups of water for an hour on a very low fire. Leave it overnight. The next morning, strain the water and make a paste from the leaves. Apply to acne-prone areas of back and shoulders. The water can be used to rinse the body. Neem contains organic sulfur compounds with powerful healing properties.
For acne spots, mix 1 egg white, 2 tablespoons cottage cheese, 2 teaspoons fuller’s earth, 1 teaspoon honey, and 1/8 teaspoon baking soda. Apply this to your back and wash it off after 20 minutes. Cleans and improves texture.
For dryness and stains, squeeze lemon juice into a bowl. Add a cup of milk and a teaspoon of glycerin. Stir well and apply. Leave it for half an hour. Apply to the back and other parts of the body. Wash it off after half an hour.
To minimize acne scars, mix 4 teaspoons of oatmeal with one teaspoon each of cottage cheese and lemon juice. Add a pinch of turmeric. Apply to the scarred areas and wash off after drying.
Or mix besan (gram flour) with cottage cheese and a pinch of turmeric. The paste should be thick and not drip. Apply it half an hour before the bath.
For severe acne, wash pillowcases and towels daily in warm, soapy water after adding 2 teaspoons of antiseptic solution such as Savlon to the water.

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