Dwelling Care Suppliers Denies Supreme Court docket Evaluation in Certification Sequence

Nov Feb 21 2022 2:57pm

  • Need certificate programs criticized for reducing competition
  • The evidence that the law doesn’t work is insufficient, the appeals court said

The owners of a home healthcare business designed to serve the Nepalese-speaking community in Kentucky failed to persuade the US Supreme Court to review a decision upholding the validity of a state statute requiring them to obtain a needs certificate before opening .

Dipendra Tiwari and Kishor Sapkota questioned Kentucky’s Certificate-of-Needle Law program, which aims to ensure quality of care and an equal distribution of health services across the state. However, such programs have been widely criticized for offering too much protection to existing health care providers and restricting potential competition.

The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed the dismissal of the lawsuit in…

Maria Anne Pazanowski

legal reporter

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