Dwell updates on Ukraine warfare: Ukraine holds ‘strategic’ positions in Bakhmut; Kremlin spokesman’s son says he joined Wagner mercenaries – CNBC

  1. Live updates on Ukraine war: Ukraine holds ‘strategic’ positions in Bakhmut; The Kremlin spokesman’s son said he joined Wagner mercenaries, per CNBC
  2. Ukraine: Russia switches to defensive positions in all combat zones except Bakhmut | WION Live WION
  3. Bakhmut slips out of Zelenskyy’s hands as Putin’s men gain ground; Almost 300 killed | Watch Hindustan Times
  4. ‘We are tired’: Ukrainian forces hold out in devastated Bakhmut Yahoo News
  5. Head of Wagner Demand Group “successfully annihilates” Ukrainian army in Bakhmut Anadolu Agency | English
  6. Check out the full coverage on Google News

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