Dunnes Shops launches a brilliant inexpensive health assortment

The pandemic and lockdowns have resulted in so many of us embarking on a fitness routine at home.

Suddenly, when everything kicked off, we found ourselves in a situation where gyms were closed, as were yoga studios and swimming pools — and some of us couldn’t even get to a park or beach for walks or runs, even if we wanted to, due to the restricted movement .

And so we started working out from home – both to maintain our fitness regimen and, for many, simply to find a distraction from the loneliness of working from home and staying away from everyone.

There was Zoom yoga and online boot camps and Joe Wicks and a lot of gym stores were reporting so many online orders that they ended up selling out, like kettlebells and jump ropes. Training at home has become a thing – and it looks like many of us are sticking to it, even now that restrictions are gone and reality has returned.

The thing is – for many, purchasing the items you need to start a fitness program or start a healthier lifestyle is sometimes prohibitively expensive because of the cost. That’s why Dunnes Stores partnered with renowned Irish personal trainer Karl Henry to launch a fitness and wellness collection designed to empower us to eat well, live well and exercise well – at prices we can all afford be able.

Well by Karl Henry x Dunnes Stores is an exclusive 13 piece wellness accessories collection developed by one of Ireland’s leading and most respected personal trainers, Karl Henry, in collaboration with Dunnes Stores. The collection starts at €5 and includes everything you need for your wellness journey, including weights, earplugs, a yoga mat and a portion control board.

“I’m passionate about what I do to empower people to achieve their wellness goals, which is why I’m so excited about the Well by Karl Henry range in Dunnes stores,” says Henry.

“It aims to empower people to eat, live and exercise well in the hope that they live longer and happier lives.”

For example, these sports earbuds only cost €30.

And this long foam roller costs €25:

The adjustable desk (€100) has four different height levels to encourage movement throughout the workday and the digital scale (€25) gives you a comprehensive view of your health by not only measuring weight but also muscle mass, Fat mass, hydration, metabolic profiling and more.

The Wellness Journal (€15) is perfect for tracking food and fluid intake, as well as energy levels, sleep patterns and mood. Spread over a three-month period, it’s packed with inspirational quotes, challenges, tips, and opportunities for reflection.

The 2 pack neoprene weights (€10-€20) are ideal for resistance training and come in a range of weights e.g.

We love the Portion Control Plate (€5) and the Clever Lunch Box (€10), both of which make healthy eating easy and convenient.

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