Drop some pounds and stomach fats quick in winter with these detox drinks

Not only you, but also many other people tend to gain weight in winter. Blame it on the weather, our increased appetite, or the delicious foods that surround us, it’s difficult to stop binge eating, let alone resist the temptations. Food has a natural ability to warm and comfort us, and we don’t let go of it in this biting cold. But only when we see our scales tipping upwards and tires forming on our stomachs do we regret some of our decisions. Don’t worry, there are many ways to fight winter weight gain and we have the simplest solution for you – detox drinks!

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Starting the day with detox water allows you to burn fat gained from the previous day and boost your metabolism for the current day. Nutritionist Ambica Dandona suggested some incredible detox water options that can help you lose winter weight as fast as possible.

Here Are 4 Detox Waters To Lose Winter Weight And Belly Fat | Which detox drinks are good for losing weight?

1. Ginger and Mint Water

We all know the multiple health benefits that ginger offers us, especially in winter. Weight loss is one of them. Combine it with mint and you have a refreshing fat burner drink. Put a small piece of ginger in a glass of water. Add a few mint leaves and let it sit for a couple of hours. Try drinking this water early in the morning.

2. Green Tea and Lemon

You probably drink warm green tea every day to digest the food you eat and hope for weight loss. Speed ​​up the process by adding lemon. Lemon is known to reduce extra fat in the body and enhance green tea’s weight loss properties.

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3. Jeera Water

Simply drinking jeera water can do wonders to drop your weight fast. Simply add two tablespoons of Jeera to a glass of water and leave overnight. The next morning when you get up, strain the water, add a spoonful of lemon juice and drink on an empty stomach. This detox water flushes out toxins along with extra calories.

4. Methi seed water

Nutritionist Ambica Dandona also suggested methi seed water as an ideal detox drink for weight loss. This drink is also great for diabetes. Click here to learn more about it.

Weight loss in winter is common and nothing to worry about. Just try these detox drinks to control your weight fast.

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