Do you undergo from beard hair loss? Know causes and options

Hair loss is a common phenomenon and almost everyone is familiar with this problem. Man or woman, everyone has tried many products and home remedies to cure hair loss. Beard hair loss has also become a common problem in men.

For some men, their beard is their most prized possession and they take good care of it. But despite everything, the topic of beard hair loss is causing them problems. Let’s take a look at the causes and solutions of beard hair loss.

Causes of beard hair loss:

genetic reasons
fungal infection
Lack of testosterone hormone
autoimmune diseases
protein and zinc deficiency
Not maintaining proper hygiene

Steps to prevent beard hair loss:

Eat vitamins and minerals

Beard hair loss can occur due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. To prevent beard hair loss, you can start eating things rich in vitamins and minerals, such as lentils, eggs, and green vegetables.

eat amla

Amla is the best source of vitamin C and you can add it to your diet. Consuming amla daily will not only keep your hair strong and healthy, but it will also make it shiny.

beard massage

Beard massage can also be done to prevent hair loss and make hair strong and smooth from the roots. For a beard massage, mix coconut oil with amla powder and apply to beard and massage in with light hands.

use mustard oil

You can also use mustard oil to prevent hair loss. To do this, apply mustard oil to the beard and massage in with light hands.

eat dried fruit

Zinc is found in many nutrient-rich dried fruits. To complete the amount of zinc in the body, one can consume dried fruit. This also prevents hair loss.

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