Development of the ASU nursing simulation facility begins Monday

Nov. 19 — ALBANY — Officials at Albany State University announced this week that construction of the university’s nursing and health sciences simulation facility will begin on Monday.

A press release from the university reads, “In alignment with ‘The Standard, Goal 2 of Albany State University Strategic Plan 2025: Institutional Sustainability and Good Governance,’ we are pleased to announce that construction of our newest educational facility began on Monday will begin.”

During this time, the west campus entrance, Access Drive East, will be closed. It is estimated that the entrance will be closed for about a year. This is the entrance closest to the I building and building management. Traffic will be diverted to the other campus entrances, West Access Drive and Collegiate Drive.

The ASU Nursing and Health Sciences Simulation Facility will provide opportunities to support and enable collaboration with other programs in the area and will accommodate simulation labs with low, medium and high fidelity mannequins, control rooms, observation rooms and related Hospital simulations include rooms, workspaces and other amenities. The institution will create a pipeline of nursing, health sciences and medicine graduates to fill the need for professional practitioners in Georgia and will play a key role in improving patient care and outcomes.

The Nursing and Health Sciences Simulation Facility concept was approved in 2020 by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp, and the Georgia General Assembly. Funds were allocated for design, construction, furniture, furnishings and equipment in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

This new building project is being built in an existing green area on Campus West, directly in front of the I and B buildings. The project consists of a single-story simulation laboratory facility with a gross area of ​​approximately 16,338 square feet in a steel frame building with a structural metal deck.

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The space will be an active learning area with a simulated hospital environment. Additional spaces will include active learning areas with simulated environments in clinical and home healthcare facilities, as well as administrative offices.

The kickoff meeting for the Nursing and Health Sciences Simulation Facility began in early 2022. Since the beginning of the project, university administration and faculty members from Darton College of Health Professions have worked with staff from the USG systems office, the design firm and the contractor to develop the plans , which are necessary to bring the new state-of-the-art facility to life.

In November 2021, the project team presented the design plans to the Board of Regents. In January 2022, the team began solidifying the designs.

In March 2022, an additional design presentation was held with USG office staff. Between August and October, the project team worked to finalize the final details for the further development of the project. Construction plans were drawn up and the building permit was granted in November 2022.

ASU officials say the college is committed to ensuring its facilities enhance student engagement, teaching, research and public service. The campus master plan includes recommendations for the strategic use of existing facilities and proposals for new facilities.

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