Develop full-body energy with this 25-minute fat-burning dumbbell exercise

Going for a run or sitting on an exercise bike for a workout might sound boring to some. A popular alternative to this is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), as it takes little time and achieves results quickly. Plus, HIIT workouts like this 25-minute routine can have low impact.

The only equipment needed is a set of dumbbells, which if you’re working out at a gym, are easily accessible in the free weight area. Or if you prefer to work out at home, you can perform an effective strength building session with a pair of space-saving, adjustable dumbbells.

The short routine was developed by Heather Robertson (opens in new tab), a Canadian personal trainer best known for her online fitness plans and easy-to-follow workout tutorials. Your exercise programs are designed to build strength, burn fat, and improve endurance, and you can’t go far wrong with dumbbells and a HIIT routine.

This HIIT routine in particular doesn’t involve jumping, so it’s a safe workout option for anyone suffering from joint pain. In addition to taking one of the best joint supplements that can help reduce inflammation, exercise can also help improve strength and flexibility in your joints.

Check out Heather Robertson’s 25-minute dumbbell routine

Low-impact doesn’t mean you’re wasting time doing less effective training. Robertson said: “Remember, low intensity doesn’t necessarily mean low intensity. You’ll be doing longer bursts in this workout, so make every 30-second effort a success by working at YOUR highest intensity and choosing weights that challenge YOU!”.

Training with dumbbells gives you the freedom to progress at your own pace. After a week or two of HIIT training with the same weight size, you may feel like your muscles need a bigger challenge. At this point, you can add some weight, increase intensity, and improve your muscle and strength building results.

There is plenty of research showing how efficient HIIT is for boosting your metabolism hours after your workout. In an open journal for sports medicine (opens in new tab) Study researchers even found that HIIT boosts your metabolism after exercise more than running or weight training. So when you combine weight with HIIT, you get HIRT (high-intensity resistance training) that can help you increase your muscle mass and strength gains.

Of course, HIIT workouts are tiring and can leave your body aching and sore, especially if you don’t allow for adequate rest and recovery time. Protein plays an essential role in muscle recovery and muscle growth. So, aim for a high-protein diet and stock up on some high-protein snacks to take with you on the go.

A varied fitness program is also useful, so that the body is constantly challenged and encouraged with varied forms of exercise. For example, one of the benefits of swimming is that it’s a low-impact workout that also burns calories.

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