Detailed overview of FORME Studio

The FORME Studio is the Rolls Royce among smart fitness mirrors.

Taller and wider than the competition, FORME Studio has the biggest and best 4K touchscreen display, multiple HD cameras to enable amazing and nuanced 1:1 training, the biggest and fastest internal computer and it’s the first intelligent Mirror comes with expandable options to become a barre studio or even a full smart strength studio similar to Tonal’s.

I tested FORME Studio for six weeks to give you the most accurate and detailed overview possible.

FORME Studio Video Review

Quick overview of FORME Studio

FORME Studio is currently the largest intelligent fitness mirror on the market. With a mirror that weighs 102 pounds, it’s a wall-mounted unit. Various upgrade options are available as well as possibilities for a personal 1:1 live training.

FORME Studio specifications

Dimensions 68″H x 26.3″W x 2.25″D
weight 102 lbs (panel only), 125 lbs (complete assembly)
Screen 43″ UHD 4K
cameras Two front-facing 12-megapixel cameras
including accessories High quality yoga mat
heart rate monitor
Microfiber cleaning cloth
camera covers
fastening material
content library yoga
Strength training (bodyweight and free weights)
To install mounted on the wall
12″, 16″ or 18″ metal or wood stud spacing, poured concrete or CMU
space requirement 6′ x 6′ space with at least 7′ floor to ceiling
perfomance 120VAC 60Hz
Outlet max. distance of 5′ from center
Not compatible with extension cords or surge protectors

FORME studio design


Unlike most other fitness mirrors that are controlled by a companion app, the FORME Studio features an impressive 43-inch ultra-high definition 4K touchscreen that turns on with just a tap.

I like the ability for the mirror to be used as a touchscreen, and it shows fingerprints fairly well, but if you want it to look nice and pristine you’ll need to wipe it down between sessions.

One minor downside to the touchscreen, at least in my home (because it turns on with a simple touch) – my four-year-old daughter loves to turn it on as she walks by… every day… every time. This can be annoying as there is a small tone followed by a short video that plays on a loop before the device goes back to sleep.

I wish there was a way to turn on some sort of “parental lock” but that’s a minor complaint as I could have simply chosen a different location to install my FORME Studio.

What makes this ultra high definition 4K touchscreen particularly unique is the fact that when taking the courses you can choose to download them to the mirror. This way they play in 4K uninterrupted.


The classes look great, but unfortunately the sound isn’t quite as impressive. The speakers are on the back so the sound bounces off the wall. It’s supposed to provide a more immersive experience, but I didn’t get that.

You can control the volume and decide how loud the mix between teachers and music should be. The FORME Studio volume doesn’t get quite as loud as I would like. This can make it difficult to hear when there’s a fan in the room, other people, or a television nearby.

The sound isn’t the worst I’ve heard, but as good as everything else with the studio is, there seems to be a clear weak point.

If you’re using your FORME Studio in a noisy room, you might want to plug in a pair of earbuds, which pair and work great and bypass the speakers entirely.

You can also pair a heart rate monitor; either the strap monitor that comes with FORME Studio or one you may already own. You need a heart rate monitor to see your heart rate on the screen and a calorie count.


Another piece of great technology included in the FORME Studio are two 12 megapixel stereoscopic cameras. These are significantly better than, for example, Lululemon’s Mirror, which only has a single 5 megapixel camera.

One thing FORME currently lacks, however, is any sort of built-in shape correction or re-count counting technology with these cameras. It’s a shame because the cameras are so good, but the cameras’ presence gives hope that this will be a feature that will be added over time.

It seems that FORME is not prioritizing the quality of the cameras for the AI ​​technology, but for FORME’s optional 1:1 in-person training services.

To test this, I completed four personal training sessions with Coach Chris. I personally found these sessions well planned, well coached and very valuable.

Of course, I can’t speak to every trainer on the FORME platform, but Chris is extremely knowledgeable and was able to spot small, nuanced issues with my form for both basic and fairly advanced movements. He was able to verbally and visually teach me how to correct movement and I know he couldn’t have trained as effectively as he did with a crappy camera.

FORME Studio content

As I mentioned earlier, FORME’s courses are downloaded onto the device for you to complete. As long as you have a decent internet connection, it won’t take long to download. Your training suggestions are always downloaded for you in advance.

You can download a huge library if you want as the computer has a whopping 250g of storage space in the device.


The library on FORME is pretty extensive: from strength training, conditioning, yoga, pilates, barre, meditation, stretching, and even partnered with Barry’s to take some of their classes.

Barry’s classes include some of the flagship boot camp classes they are known for. You have these on and off the treadmill if you have one available. The content looks great in 4K, the instructors are all very good, and there’s a nice UI meter that shows how much of each set or move you have left.

Also, and I’m a big fan of this, in the course description they show exactly what you’re going to do, which is what I really need for someone like me to plan my workouts. Well, that’s nice to see.

The workouts are generally on the shorter end, typically 10-30 minutes long. There are definitely longer courses out there, only most of them are short.


As classes are not streamed, there is no leaderboard or tracking. So if you’re someone who’s really competitively motivated, you’re going to miss that a bit.

Training tracking is not implemented well here. There’s really no good way within FORME to track your progress or how much you’ve done. And sadly, there’s no way to even export your workouts to third-party trackers like Strava; that’s something I’d like to see improved here.

Here, too, there is a lack of ready-made programs. FORME seems to counteract this by suggesting workouts suggested by your trainer or fitness advisor, but it would be nice if this expanded into programs.

Overall, there is definitely enough content on FORME to keep most people happy.

personal training

For people who don’t travel to the gym but want to be seen by a knowledge coach once a week, I’m not sure any other connected fitness device can do that like FORME.

Not just personal training sessions, my trainer created a specific plan on FORME for me to follow and provided me with some written instructions. FORME Personal Training is a well-packaged package.

But even if you do not opt ​​for personal training, you will receive personal advice from FORME. When you order your FORME Studio, you will be contacted by a fitness consultant who will talk to you about your background and goals and create an overall weekly plan.

FORME Studio upgrades

One of the coolest things about FORME Studio that I unfortunately didn’t get to try is the ability to update it. You can choose to add a removable bar, or what I’m most excited about, the FORME lift.

The FORME Lift Upgrade transforms the fitness mirror into a smart power studio, similar to Tonal. With articulated arms and automatically adjustable weights, Lift can provide digital resistance up to 200 pounds (100 pounds per arm).

The lift upgrade is a big deal because I think a lot of people will be happy with the FORME Studio, but over time they might want to be able to lift more weights. The ability to keep what you love about the mirror but also add the lift is what makes this such a versatile machine.

With the upgrades and the ability to add personal training, you really have a home gym that is incredibly impressive yet takes up almost no space and looks like an elegant wall mirror when not in use.

Costs for the FORME Studio

At the beginning of the test, I called the FORME Studio the Rolls Royce of smart mirrors, and that comes at a price.

The FORME Studio costs $2,495, which is about $1,000 more than the competition. And the version with the lift upgrade and accessories costs an additional $2,500.

FORME membership is $49 a month, or if you want to upgrade to a plan with a weekly personal training session, it’s $199 for the first month… and probably more after that.

Absolutely a very expensive unit but I think that’s the point. This is the luxury mirror. There’s nothing quite like this, so it’s for someone with the money and the desire to have the latest and greatest. In this way, the FORME makes perfect sense.

Final Thoughts

If I were to give it a “must buy, try, wait for a sale or never touch” rating, I’d say the FORME Studio is a “must have” for someone who understands exactly what it is, afford it and looks forward to bringing home something that looks amazing while also supporting their fitness and health.

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