Dermatologists have confirmed strategies for treating stretch marks at dwelling

Stretch marks are very common and can be annoying at times. Usually, stretch marks can be seen in women after their pregnancy, but it can affect teenagers and women who are not pregnant. Although it’s not just limited to women, many men also suffer from these stretch marks. There are several reasons why these marks appear; Some of these are puberty, sudden weight gain, physical activity, etc.

Regardless of age and gender, these unwanted scars can develop near the chest, legs, and abdomen. However, many people opt for over-the-counter creams, but with a simple lifestyle change and simple home remedies, stretch marks can be easily removed. Some tips for removing your stretch marks are:

Eat a nutritious diet

– One of the reasons for the appearance of stretch marks is the lack of nutrients. Lack of nutrition in the body can make these stretch marks more visible. Therefore, it is important to eat the right diet, rich in vitamins and proteins. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits, nuts, eggs and berries in your diet to strengthen your skin.

drink enough

– Try to stay hydrated all the time to avoid the formation of stretched skin. Drinking enough water will automatically soften your skin as dry skin is prone to stretch marks. It is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of water regularly. Drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee can also increase your risk of stretch marks. Therefore, make sure that even if you drink coffee, it should be very limited.

coconut oil

– Coconut oil is known for its great properties that help heal scars on the skin. It is one of the common remedies that you will find in any Indian household that does a wonderful job when it comes to curing stretch marks. Applying coconut oil to the stretch marks can reduce the appearance of the scars.

Stretch marks PCPexelsStretch Marks (PC:Pexels)

glycolic acid

– Glycolic acid based creams and gels are considered useful for treating stretch marks. These products can be used after consulting doctors and dermatologists. Glycolic acid can be applied to the area that will peel off the top layer of skin and make it more beautiful.

laser therapy

– Laser therapy is another type of treatment that can be used to reduce stretch marks. In this procedure, the skin is renewed using laser technology. The outer layer of skin is removed and new skin is rebuilt. Laser therapy is considered an expensive and time-consuming treatment and not everyone chooses this technique.

aloe vera

– Aloe Vera is a magical plant best known for its incredible healing properties. Aloe Vera helps regenerate skin tissues that help heal the scars completely. You can take a fresh gel from a leaf and massage it on the affected area for about 15-20 minutes. Repeat the same process twice a day for better results.

Take omega-3 fatty acid

– To remove stretch marks, a diet plan plays a very essential role. Omega-3 fatty acid is a good option when it comes to healing the stretch marks problem as it helps increase skin elasticity. Foods such as chia seeds, walnuts, flaxseeds can be ingested.

tea tree oil

– Tea tree oil is the best remedy to remove any kind of scars and it also helps in treating stretch marks. Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties work wonders to largely fade stretch marks.

olive oil

– One of the best and readily available things that can be used to remove the stretch marks. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and its excellent skin conditioning agent helps to fade the scars easily.

Taking Vitamin C

–Vitamin C is really helpful in treating stretch marks as it helps to strengthen collagen. Collagen plays an important role in keeping the skin firm and elastic. Fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges etc. should be consumed regularly.

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