Demolition of the Peloton app reveals unannounced rowing machine particulars

Home fitness company Peloton is rumored to have a rowing machine in the works, and now it appears the company accidentally confirmed this with its own Android app. A newly released teardown of the latest version of the app reveals details, including code words, indicating a new fitness machine to come, likely based on rowing.

You probably know Peloton best for its bike machines, or maybe its treadmills, which were in the news this summer. Many rumors over the past few months have claimed that the company will also launch a rowing machine that combines the company’s technology with traditional row-like exercise.

The latest version of the Peloton Android app was recently analyzed by 9to5Google and found evidence that Peloton updated the app with new materials ahead of an upcoming product launch.

Although there is no explicit endorsement for a rowing machine, the app does provide details on how to perform an exercise that involves a “punch” – and it is impossible to interpret this as anything other than a rowing machine. It appears that the Peloton team went to some effort to disguise their work by adding what appeared to be gibberish to the app.

However, the 9to5Google team wisely ran the text through a Caesar cipher and deciphered it to reveal two code names: Mazu and Caesar. The deciphered text indicates that Peloton is working on “inspiring panoramic routes” for the upcoming rowing machine. Peloton has still not announced a rowing machine model, although the appearance of this text on the app suggests that an official launch could take place in the near future.

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