Davina McCall Weight Loss: The Masked Singer Choose Is Tight – How Does She Maintain Match?

Davina McCall, 53, will be on our screens at The Masked Singer tonight at 7 p.m. The judge and presenter will most likely wear a stunning dress that will remind viewers of her slim figure. How has she lost weight and kept her figure over the years?

In 2018, Davina announced that she had downsized a dress size from size 12 to size 10 in just one year.

Her weight conversion came after she separated from their three children with her husband and father.

The host said at the time, “I’m about 9st 10lbs and I’m in size 10 clothes which is a size smaller than last year so it’s great. I am really, really happy.

“I don’t want to lose weight now. This is exactly where I want to be, ”she added.

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Davina shares more photos and videos of her regular fitness programs on her personal Instagram account.

Earlier this month, the presenter admitted in a post that she found it difficult to motivate herself during the lockdown.

She wrote: “Feel like I’m going crazy … please let me know how you are … need a share … was out for a walk … didn’t really work … next for me the list ” sort my head out ‘is exercise … come on Davina … you got that. “

In a later post on the same day, Davina shared a video of her exercising.

In the caption below the video in which she was doing some weights, Davina wrote, “Ok. So here is what i did. I’ve been training. The power wasn’t massive with me. But I’m still proud that I did it. “

She also said that she ate healthy, had cold showers and makeup, and put on a nice shirt to keep herself motivated.

Davina added, “After all of this, I felt a lot better.”

The presenter eats Bio & Me branded cereal bars and snacks for healthy foods before exercising in order to maintain her energy throughout the workout.

Davina also enjoys running and regularly jogging to share her progress with her Instagram followers again.

Earlier this year she posted a photo of herself outside in running gear and added the caption, “I can’t tell you how much I wanted to stay in bed. I got up, no tea, no brekkie, straight out the door or it didn’t happen … half an hour tick … very hilly. But I feel totally great. “

Since she exercises a lot, Davina drives her body with a healthy and balanced diet that is high in protein.

She eats foods like eggs and fish, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

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