David Toborowsky’s athletic fashion after weight reduction

90 Day Fiancé’s David Toborowsky has become confident and fashionable after achieving a new, toned physique. His latest pictures show his sporty style.

Split picture of David Toborowsky when he was first on 90 Day Fiance and a new picture with him and Annie

former 90 day fiance Star David Toborowsky has been rocking a cool athletic style ever since he lost weight and transformed his body. The 54-year-old Arizona native is known for his sweet personality on social media and his strong marriage to fellow co-star Annie Suwan. In the last few months, David has lost 70 pounds and entertained fans with his quirky posts. The 90 Day Fiancé alum has been candid about his fitness progress on Instagram, which has garnered him many new fans.


When David first debuted at 90 Day Fiancé, he was struggling with several issues and wasn’t in the best shape of his life. At the time, he was recovering from his divorce, a health condition, and was struggling with financial problems. Luckily, when Annie came into David’s life, he found a new passion for everything. He started working to improve himself. David also started his fitness journey to get back in shape. As of October 2022, the TLC star had already lost over 70 pounds and attributed his weight loss to his low-carb diet.

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David Toborowsky depicts a transformed figure in joggers

After losing weight, David likes to dress sportier. A few months ago, David posed for an outdoor photo with his wife Annie. In the post, shared by 90_day_and_reality_tv_news on Instagram, the 54-year-old reality star wore a blue collar polo shirt, black sweatpants and a gold bracelet. He wore gray and black running shoes and a round hairstyle. 90 Day Fiancé fans adored David’s young, athletic looks and praised him and his wife for being the cutest couple.

The sporty autumn look by David Toborowsky

David recently posed in a cute photo with his wife Annie. In the picture, posted to Instagram by 90dayfiance.fans, he wore an oversized hooded jacket with a gray t-shirt. He completed his look with a pair of black sweatpants. Annie also joined him, wearing a similar pink top with a jacket and leggings. 90 Day Fiancé viewers loved the pair’s matching fall look, showering her with compliments like, “You both look amazing” and “I love you guys, I can’t get enough of you.”

David Toborowsky looks muscular in an athletic look

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans think David has old-school style, but this photo posted by 90_day_and_reality_tv_news a few months ago says otherwise. Pictured, the 90 Day Fiancé star stands next to his wife and looks like an urban workout enthusiast. The post features the reality star in a long gray hoodie with a front pocket. He was wearing comfortable sneakers and black sweatpants. Despite his athletic looks, David complemented Annie’s traditional Nepalese look by wearing appropriate accessories such as a rudraksha mala and a bright red tilaka on his forehead. 90 day fiance Fans wish David the best of luck on his continued fitness journey.

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