Darcey’s well-liked post-weight-loss revenge physique pics

After splitting from Georgi Rusev, 90 Day Fiancé star Darcey Silva, 48, has been showing off her revealing looks on social media.

former 90 day fiance Actress Darcey Silva has flaunted her glamorous looks after splitting from partner Georgi Rusev. The 48-year-old reality star made her debut in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and has since progressed to her own spin-off, Darcey & Stacey. Darcey and Georgi got engaged in June 2020, but the Connecticut resident confirmed her split from her ex in early 2022.

Darcey claimed that she wasn’t getting what she wanted from their relationship. As she embraces her single life and prepares to date again, she has been busy experimenting with plastic surgery procedures. In 2021, the popular reality star traveled to Turkey and underwent multiple surgeries to improve her physical appearance.


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Darcey had a nose lift, lip lift, liposuction, breast implants and butt lift. In July 2022, she shared a video on her Instagram showing her new look. The clip showed her wearing a Gucci paper boy hat and a bronze-look filter that didn’t quite fit her face. Unfortunately, 90 Day Fiancé fans were quick to criticize the popular star.

Darcey in a pink sultry dress

Darcey Silva 90 Day Fiancé Weight Loss Revenge Body Looks

In recent months, Darcey has shared multiple revenge body pics since her weight loss and breakup. In June, she flaunted her toned physique for the camera and stunned fans with her luscious curves. The popular reality celebrity wore a stunning pink outfit that accentuated her cleavage and toned legs.

Flat stomach and high ponytail

Darcey Silva 90 Day Fiancé Weight Loss Revenge Body Looks

Besides sporting hot and glamorous looks, Darcey has also shown her casual side on social media. She wore a silver crop top with skin-tight jeans and large round earrings. The former 90 Day Fiancé performer looked like a teenage rock star in her casual outfit as she showed off her curvaceous butt and larger boobs. At one point in the video, Darcey also pointed the camera at her face, showing off her tiny nose and plump lips.

Darcey’s glassy skin

Darcey Silva Instagram April 2022 CROPPED(1)

In April 2022, Darcey looked like a model in the prime of her career. The photo showed her rocking a daring black top, showing off her cleavage and staring straight at the camera. The Darcey & Stacey actress showed off her gorgeous makeup and silver accessories including a watch, necklace and bracelet. She captioned the post, “Lights, Camera…Action!”, adding that she’s keeping an eye on the price. The picture is part of a model shoot Darcey did with popular photographer Fadil Berisha. 90 day fiance Fans may not support Darcey’s obsession with cosmetic surgery, but they love revenge body pics.

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Credit: Darcey Silva/Instagram, Darcey Silva/Instagram, Darcey Silva/Instagram

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