Dan + Shay singer Shay Mooney opens up about his weight reduction

Country fans have noticed a difference Shay Mooney in the last six months. The singer, one half of Grammy-winning duo Dan + Shay, has made some lifestyle changes, and his hard work is paying off. The singer and father of two young sons (one more is on the way!) has been candid about his health journey and shared his experiences with his fans. (Spoiler alert: There are no shortcuts. Just hard work and persistence.)

About his motivation

Shay started his journey for one simple reason: to feel better. He told Today: “I had this moment where I just didn’t feel healthy. It wasn’t necessarily about my looks, but it was about making me feel healthy.”

About his secret of success

At a time when so many people are looking for quick results from fad diets and weight loss pills, Shay kept it real and explained that his success is the result of hard work. According to People, he said: “For those who are asking: eat clean/don’t drink and walk 7 miles a day. And some weights. That’s it! I completely changed my lifestyle and I’ve never felt better physically, mentally and spiritually.”

About the change

In December, Shay shared a powerful video on Instagram with a montage of photos from his life. “It’s weird not recognizing yourself. I’ve gotten to a place mentally and physically that I will never go to again. It matters what we eat. It matters who you spend your time with. It matters what you spend your time doing. I am so thankful for the people in my life who have helped me make a change. Nobody forced me to do this. I wanted to change my life for myself. I have never felt more alive. I’m not looking for mediocrity…let’s find greatness.”

About his growing family

Shay and his wife Hannah Billingsly are expecting their third child this winter. Shay shared a sweet series of photos with the caption: “This has been the best 6 months of my life. #dad.”

Hannah, who hosts the Unexpected podcast, shared a lighthearted video posing with her baby bump with the caption, “(Your loss is my gain baby.) Literally😂” Hannah wrote, “So proud of you baby… and proud of the example you are setting for all our boys, physically and mentally 🤍 We meet at the gym about 6 weeks after the birth of this baby 😂”

About the search for peace

For Shay, this transformation was more than just physical. He celebrated his 31st birthday by sharing an emotional video with his son Ames Alexander, who turns 3 in February. Shay spoke about his spiritual journey over the past year: “May 31. We haven’t known each other long… but I promise to keep showing up. It’s moments like these that keep me going. It took me 30 years to figure out what I wanted was not a passing high. The peace I have found in Jesus and my family over the past year has changed my life. I’m not where I want to be yet… but for the first time in a very long time, peace of knowing I’m on my way. Thankfully it doesn’t quite cover it. ❤️”

About his transformation

Shay shared a before and after comparison of his results with shirtless bathroom selfies taken just six months apart. Shay wrote: “Consistency. I changed my whole world in 6 months. No gimmicks or fads. Just persistence. If that tired guy on the left can do it, so can you.”

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