CVS, Ceremony Help imposed buy restrictions on emergency contraceptives after surges in demand

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CVS and Rite Aid began rationing emergency contraceptives just days after the Supreme Court ended constitutional abortion rights as demand skyrocketed.

CVS said it will temporarily limit Plan B and Aftera purchases to three packs per customer. A spokesman said Monday that while the drugstore chain has a “wide range” of products both online and in-store, the cap is “intended to ensure fair access and consistent supply on store shelves.”

Rite Aid is also limiting purchases to three per customer, a spokesman said Monday, citing rising demand.

Walgreens’ website showed Tuesday that two emergency contraceptives — Plan B and Take Action — were out of stock for shipment but were available at certain stores for same-day pickup and delivery. A spokeswoman said Monday that purchases are not limited at this time as the company is still able to meet in-store demand. “We’re working to replenish Ship-to-Home’s online inventory.” Grocery chain Kroger notes on its website that Plan B isn’t available for shipping and in-store stocks are low.

The Supreme Court on Friday ruled nearly 50 years ago in Roe v. Wade’s fundamental right to abortion was rescinded, leaving states free to drastically limit or ban the procedure. Thirteen states had trigger laws in place when the verdict was reached, and they went into effect immediately in several states, halting abortion treatment.

The ruling does not affect emergency contraception, such as Plan B One-Step, which is used to prevent pregnancy by temporarily delaying ovulation if taken within 72 hours of sexual activity. No prescription or ID is required to purchase, nor is there an age restriction.

But after Friday’s ruling, health advocates, legal experts and officials have raised concerns that other efforts may be made to limit people’s right to contraception.

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At Target and Walmart, the Plan B pill is eligible for shipping and pickup, but delivery time varies by location. It can also be purchased directly from the Plan B website, but is only eligible for four to six day shipping.

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