Create an efficient hybrid coaching program with these eight cardio and energy apps

Put simply, hybrid training or hybrid workout is the combination of two different types of training – cardio and strength. The combination usually consists of a fast endurance sport like running or cycling and strength training like weight lifting.

But what are the benefits of combining these two training techniques? First, doing the same old exercises over and over again can lead to boredom and burnout. Second, challenging your muscles in a variety of ways can help you get stronger and fitter. Combine two or more of the following effective training apps to fulfill both parts of a good hybrid training program.

Cardiovascular and endurance training

The first major part of hybrid training consists of cardio or endurance training. These cardio activities focus on increasing your heart rate with activities like jogging, cycling, swimming, jumping, dancing, and HIIT training.


Strava is one of the most popular fitness tracking apps out there, largely because it lets you share your workouts with a community of fun, like-minded people. To track your journey in the app, first tap recordingthen select your sport and finally press the beginning Button.

You can use the Strava app to track almost any cardio activity, from running, biking, and swimming to skiing, rock climbing, and skateboarding. In addition, Strava provides a full breakdown of your progress, goals, activities, training logs and training intensity.

Downloads: Strava for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

2. Traverse rope

If you are looking for a quick cardio workout, jumping rope is a great choice. Additionally, using a jump rope is the perfect way to exercise at home, and the Crossrope app offers a variety of workouts for beginners and experts alike.

The app is straightforward and easy to use. All you have to do is select the workout or challenge you want to do, add an optional warm-up and choose the rope available. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Crossrope jump rope; You can use any skipping rope you have or buy your own crossrope set online.

Downloads: Traverse rope for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

3. BitGym

BitGym Immersive Cardio Tours mobile app

If you can’t or don’t want to run or bike outside, BitGym is the perfect app for you. The BitGym app lets you explore the world from your cardio machine. Just choose one of the beautiful tours and start training.

BitGym can track your cadence using your smartphone’s camera if you don’t have a fitness tracker. This helps ensure the ride is perfectly at your pace. However, for the most accurate tracking, connect a Bluetooth-enabled sensor to the app. In addition to showing your time and speed, you can turn the sounds and location information on or off during your virtual workout.

Downloads: BitGym for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

4. Down Dog HIIT

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an intense cardio training method that can take your workouts to the next level. If you want to try a quick but effective workout, the HIIT app from Down Dog’s collection of fitness apps is your new best friend.

The Down Dog HIIT app gives you the ability to fully customize nearly every part of your workout, from voice trainer to music style. Additionally, you can create a custom workout mix based on how many aerobic, leg, upper body, core, and glute exercises you want to include.

Downloads: Down Dog HIIT for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

strength and resistance training

The other half of a hybrid training plan is strength or resistance training. It’s a fairly simple way of exercising to build and strengthen muscle that involves weightlifting, exercise bands, or bodyweight movements. In addition to increasing your muscle mass, strength or resistance training can affect your metabolism and help you lose weight.


Planning, tracking and logging your weight lifting is effortless with the JEFIT workout tracker app. Browse the app’s collection of pre-made workout plans or create a custom routine depending on the gear you have available.

Are you new to strength training? Tap on the exercise library and you can carefully read the instructions and watch a video demonstration of each exercise. One of the best features of the JEFIT app is the fitness community. Here you can motivate yourself with others and get helpful fitness tips.

Downloads: JEFIT for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

2. Calisteniapp

A calisthenic workout is perfect for people who want to do strength training using only their body weight. Start your journey with the Calisteniapp, which gives you access to hundreds of different calisthenic workouts.

Calisteniapp has many free workout routines to get you started. Whether strength training, muscle building or exercises with basic equipment such as a kettlebell, this app provides valuable content and tips. Additionally, if you upgrade to the premium subscription, you can unlock various workout programs and features like Smart Progress.

Downloads: Calisteni App for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

3. Sportsman

The simplicity of the Sportsman app makes it the perfect starting point for beginners. Instead of using fancy gym equipment, you can use the app to work out from the comfort of your own home with a basic workout that you can change up as needed. To use the Sportsman app, simply select a specific exercise you want to test yourself on and the app will automatically track your progress.

What’s more, you can even use the app to add your own custom exercises. And aside from the workout challenges, Sportsman offers both circuit training that focuses on your upper body, abs and lower body, as well as a unique street workout.

Downloads: Athlete for iOS | Android (free, in-app purchases available)

4. Dumbbell workout at home

Dumbbell Workout at Home is an app by Leap Fitness that provides you with 30-day workout plans available in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. However, you can opt into a workout of your choice if you want to specifically target your arms and shoulders, back and chest, or abs and legs.

To get an accurate calorie burned calculation, you need to set your dumbbell weight on each side before you start exercising. So dust off your dumbbells, set a daily reminder and start lifting to get stronger and fitter.

Downloads: Dumbbell Workout at Home for Android (Free in-app purchases available)

Download these apps to create the best hybrid training program

There are often two types of people: those who stick to strength or resistance training, and those who stick to cardio or endurance exercise. But ideally, you should incorporate these two exercise types into your daily workouts to maximize results. In terms of health benefits, hybrid training is the ultimate training program. So if you’re looking to gain both cardio and strength, try these awesome workout apps to create your own hybrid program.

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