COVID-19 virus may be killed by pouring lemon juice within the nostril? PIB Reality Test Reveals the Reality Behind Pretend Movies Going Viral on Social Media

New Delhi, May 2nd: At a time when the country is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple fake news and unsubstantiated information about the home remedies to treat the coronavirus are being spread on social media platforms. In the latest fake news going viral, a video is shared on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter claiming that pouring three drops of lemon juice into your nose is effective for curing COVID-19. Can COVID-19 be cured with black pepper, ginger and honey at home? Viral news claiming the Pondicherry University student found a home remedy for coronavirus is fake.

The viral video shows a person saying that pouring three drops of lemon juice into each nostril will help the body fight the COVID-19 infection and prevent deaths from the deadly disease. The fake news goes on to claim that pouring the lemon juice up your nose will work its magic in just 5 seconds after the procedure is complete.

Unfortunately, these claims are completely misleading. Lemon juice or lemon water will not protect you from COVID-19. A review of the fake claim through a review by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) revealed that the video claiming that pouring lemon juice into your nose can kill the COVID-19 virus is fake. Fact-checking found that there is not scientific evidence for the claims.

Here is the tweet from PIB:

The video shared on social media claims that putting lemon juice in the nose kills # coronavirus instantly # PIBFactCheck: – The claim made in the video is # false. There is no scientific evidence that adding lemon juice to the nose can eliminate # Covid19.

– PIB Fact Check (@PIBFactCheck) May 1, 2021

It must be known that lemon juice or lemon water do not protect people from COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated on its official website that this is the case No scientific evidence for lemon juice able to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Fact check

Claim :

The video shared on social media claims that pouring lemon juice in your nose will instantly kill the COVID-19 virus stick.

Conclusion :

This video is fake as there is no scientific evidence that pouring lemon juice into your nose can wipe out COVID-19 infection.

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