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Hot flashes are a hallmark symptom of menopause and are experienced as sudden, random episodes of intense heat, hot flashes followed by sweating and a mild chill. They vary in frequency and severity from woman to woman, but they usually only last a few minutes. However, when they are severe and occur very frequently, they can be very distressing and disrupt activities of daily living.

Hot flashes are commonly associated with women approaching menopause, and studies have shown that around 75-80% of older women suffer from this condition, which is characterized by a sudden flush of heat in the upper body, particularly the face and chest , is marked and disrupts the daily routine and impairs the quality of life. Menopausal women experience various hormonal changes that lead to numerous clinical conditions such as weight gain, osteoporosis, emotional distress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, stress, fatigue, etc., with anxiety and stress being the two main factors contributing to heat flashes, while hot weather, spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol aggravate this condition.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sonali Kulkarni, Chief Nutritionist at Elda Health, suggested: “For women over 40, taking care of your diet and your eating habits is crucial. Certain natural beverages are recommended to help alleviate the condition and relieve these symptoms. Some of these drinks include kokum juice, palm fruit, sol kadhi, soy, buttermilk or lassi, also some easy and inexpensive concoctions that one could prepare are jaljeera, jeera (cumin) water, sabja (basil seed), fennel and coriander seed water along with more delicate ones Coconut and Neera (palm nectar), which are readily available year-round.”

She explained: “These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are particularly rich in electrolytes, which balance your energy levels well and have a cooling effect on the body. They also meet fiber and calorie needs and are the most appropriate options for treating hot flashes. Menopause is inevitable, but a unique experience for every woman and must be managed individually. A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, can help women navigate this transition.”

dr Veena Aggarwal, MD at Medtalks, Trustee of Dr. Caffeine, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, anxiety, hot weather, etc. are some common hot flash triggers.”

She advised: “Try to identify your triggers and avoid them to prevent hot flashes, or at least reduce their occurrence. Lose weight if you are overweight. Eat healthy. Some home remedies like buttermilk, coconut milk, soy, kokum juice, ice apple (called tadgola in Hindi) may also help. All of this has a cooling effect and keeps the body hydrated. By reducing body heat, they can alleviate this distressing symptom.”

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