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Occasionally, through the animal rescue NGO, I have offered to pay for the neutering / neutering of pets from low-income households (in whole or in part).

Often the animals have had numerous litters and the habitat is overcrowded with (mostly) sickly, lean puppies / kittens afflicted by ticks and fleas.

By accepting the offer, some people are helping to stem the rise in animal overpopulation. Others who don’t know, trust, or believe in what castration is, refuse when I explain it.

Some of the real reasons given by people who rejected my offer include:

“I do not believe that. God created animals to reproduce. “(Anti-Sprayer)

“Let the animals have fun.” (Zesser)

“I’m not sure. That sounds like cruelty to animals.” (Spay hesitation)

“I have a remedy for this: boil blue soap, add plenty of sugar, get the dog to drink it.” (Belief in home remedies)

“What you do comes back to you. If I do that, my daughter won’t have children. And I want to be a grandmother. “(Conspiracy theorist)

Sometimes those who turned down the neutering / neutering offer would later wish they had accepted.

At the beginning of the year a man asked me for help. His dog, which had had numerous litters after declining my neuter offer, had been poisoned. He wanted to know if I would take the puppies with me.

Had he neutered his dog “a long time ago”, my volunteer and I would not have been left with the “care burden” of trying to save seven vulnerable lives. We spent a large part of our time over a few days looking after the puppies (feeding, cleaning, giving medication, looking for other caregivers). Unfortunately, all but one of the puppies died, possibly from suckling on their poisoned mother’s nipples.

The frustration and overwhelming animal welfare workers (rescuers, volunteers, veterinarians) often feel must be an iota of what is experienced daily by those who fight for their lives in the trenches of Covid19- “Third World War”.

I noticed this (somewhat) parallel situation a few days ago when I called a Trini friend who has been living and working in the USA since the end of last year. After we hadn’t spoken to each other for a few months, we agreed to catch up on their hectic work schedule in a rare window of time.

“How are you doing?” I asked when she answered.

“Exhausted!” She sighed. “Covid!”

My friend is a registered nurse and works at the bedside of a medical-surgical department. Every time medical personnel enter or leave a room, they must put on or take off their PPE (personal protective equipment) consisting of a respirator / wrap or N95 mask, then a surgical mask, face shield, plastic gown and gloves consists. all of which are worn over scrubs.

This ritual alone is exhausting, but far less than dealing with people, many of whom fail to realize, see or believe the severity of the pandemic and the measures required to save lives and contain its spread.

My friend is a down to earth, intelligent, no-nonsense professional. In the vortex of “fake” and “facts” about this pandemic, she spoke from a place of direct experience and mature reason.

“As nurses, we understand people’s frustrations. However, we want them to understand that we need them to help us get this deal together. We can only do so much, ”she said. “Employees are frustrated and tired, mostly because people take it lightly and don’t see the long-term effects of Covid19.

“Human losses are one, but then there are those who survive and have long-term covid disease which can cover the gamut of things. Most people are deprived of energy and continue to have difficulty breathing and need extra oxygen.”

If their actual words (cited above and below) had been a Facebook post, possible public comments could be as follows:

Sister friend: “The vaccine wasn’t developed quickly.”

(Social media comment: Lies! It was made up overnight!)

NF: “Research into coronaviruses, including the flu, began in the 1960s. Because of the technology, the SARS-CoV-2 genome was quickly sequenced and the information shared with researchers around the world. “

(SM comment: Lies! Big Pharma wants money!)

NF: “You all stopped working on your other important research to focus on developing a vaccine that would provide additional protection.”

(SM comment: Protection? You mean poison to kill us!)

Finally, a short multiple choice Covid test:

Global Covid-related research, reports and statistics are: (a) Lies (b) Control mechanisms (c) Facts (d) Media manipulation (e) Other.

Which letter did you choose?

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