comply with a wholesome way of life in the long term

Weight Loss: Set New Goals To Make Progress And Follow A Healthy Lifestyle


  • Set new goals to get fitter and stronger
  • Do workouts that are compatible with your daily routine
  • Enjoy what you are doing and never be too hard on yourself

To follow healthy habits over the long term, you may need to put in a little more effort than you think. It takes some kind of discipline and a set routine that you can follow even when traveling. The need to continue to have an active and healthy lifestyle, and how to do it, is felt most when you are done or almost done with a fitness challenge. Even if it’s a virtual fitness challenge, it feels like you’re moving on with your lifestyle when the challenge is over.

How to follow a healthy lifestyle over the long term

Sweat coach Kayla Itsines recently shared some tips on Instagram that could help her maintain healthy habits over the long term. As the six-week sweat challenge comes to an end, she shares that “how to move on with healthy habits” is one of the most common questions her followers ask her.

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Here are some tips that can help you maintain an active lifestyle over the long term:

1. Set new goals

For example, if your goal was to lose weight and you achieved that goal, now is the time to consider getting a toner and stronger body, lean abs, stronger lower body, etc. You can also set newer goals for yourself by lifting heavier weights or running longer or faster. “If you’ve done 10 push-ups at a time, you can now do 12 push-ups at once and move up to 20. Then set more goals and try to achieve them before the year ends.” says Itsines.


Keep setting new goals for yourself to keep living a healthy lifestyle
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2. Follow a good routine

The simple formula for following a healthy lifestyle over the long term is to create one that you can comfortably follow, even when traveling or with work commitments. Record workouts that are short-lived and can be done anytime, anywhere without equipment.

Install basic fitness equipment like dumbbells and easy-to-carry equipment like resistance bands at home. Prominent fitness trainer Vinod Channa says, “You can’t make excuses when it comes to home training.”

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A number of exercises can be done at home, including both cardio and strength training exercises. Body weight exercises like planks and pushups can be done at home. It takes no more than 20 minutes to get a good and effective workout.

Apply the same principle to your diet. Practice meal preparation, planning three meals for the coming week. Set a day in a week to plan your meals. Do not follow diets or diets that are too restrictive in nature. Eat foods you’ve always eaten, but make healthier choices and practice portion control.

For example, limit your consumption of alcohol or sugary treats only to weekends or occasions. Remember the key is enjoying what you are doing. Don’t be too hard on yourself and a healthy lifestyle will be easier to follow.

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