Cleansing: “Nice residence treatment” for unblocking bathtub drains – “removes extreme clogs”

Once it’s gone, try running the faucet to see if things have speeded up. If not, you should try again before trying another solution.

Homeowners can also use a plunger to remove the clog, but first they must plug the bathtub overflow to create the necessary vacuum.

You unscrew most overflow caps, then you can simply plug the hole with a damp cloth.

Trinity instructed, “To properly perform the plunger technique, remove the drain plug and add a few inches of water.

“Take a flushing plunger, not a toilet plunger (to clean a toilet requires a different sized plunger), and place this directly over the drain before pumping it up and down a few times, pausing to close see if the water drains.

“Repeat this a few times until, with any luck, the blockage goes away.”

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