City League, Ochsner to host a free household well being pageant later this month

The free event will take place on September 17th.

NEW ORLEANS – A unique health event and family celebration is coming to New Orleans.

It’s a collaboration to make a big change in Louisiana, which is at the bottom of the list for many different diseases.

A local doctor says unfortunately too many patients come when a disease is advanced.

For example, if you identify, treat, and control prediabetes, you are less likely to become a patient with kidney failure or a leg amputation.

This event is a fun way to make a difference.

Head Start teacher Kimberly Green found out 20 years ago that she inherited a family trait, high blood pressure, but what makes the difference is that she now has regular health checkups with a doctor she trusts.

“Working with my GP is the best because without her I wouldn’t know how to control my blood pressure,” said Green, teacher of the Urban League Clarence Barney Head Start program.

She says that too often she sees people in her community shunning any type of health care.

“A lot of people don’t go to the hospital. They make sure they’re trying to do home remedies and things like that,” Green said.

“We need to put ourselves first as a community. We need to focus on what it takes to prioritize health and wellness for ourselves and for our families,” said Judy Reese Morse, President and CEO of the Urban League New Orleans.

That’s why the Urban League has teamed up with Ochsner and other organizations to host the first-ever major health event. On Saturday, September 17th, there will be a free family party at the convention center. There are cooking classes, children’s events, free performances, health talks, trainers, massages, a dance competition, music, drones and robots demonstrations. You can also learn about available healthcare jobs and how to grow your healthcare provider business

“If our health isn’t where it should be, we’re not able to do the other things like keep our jobs and start our businesses, do the things that our community wants to do and for them she works hard,” Morse said.

Doctors say that this event is critical. The lack of access, insurance and trust in the health system harms minority communities.

“Well, unfortunately, in Louisiana we have the worst health outcomes of any other state in the country. We’re in fiftieth place,” said internal medicine doctor Dr.

Yvens Laborde, Medical Director for Global Health and Public Health at Ochsner.

During the pandemic, the health disparity was felt as large numbers of African Americans lost their lives. It also shows up in cancer and diabetes.

“And a huge part of that is that people don’t get diagnosed early enough. They don’t get screened soon enough. So by the time they present, their disease is already well advanced,” said Dr. Laborde.

WWL-TV is one of the partners of this big free event and the Urban League expects 1,000 participants.

The Pelicans and Saints are also sponsors. So there will be some players and the cheer squads as well.

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