Christian Angermayer talks about preventing getting old

As soon as Christian Angermayerone of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors, logs on to our Zoom call on a Saturday morning, he’s optimistic and excited to dive into various topics close to his heart, including his pursuit of longevity and happiness.

The self-made billionaire and founder of Apeiron Investment Group, a global investment firm focused on tech and biotech investments, grew up in a village of 90 people in Germany and was employed from an early age.

At the age of 14 he had his first entrepreneurial idea in the form of a tutoring company. Today, Apeiron owns shares in more than 100 companies worldwide, including well-known brands such as the CBD drink TRIP, the hotel group Aethos and the home fitness company FORME LIFE.

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However, his greatest passion is biotechnology. With more than $3 billion in assets under management through his Apeiron Investment Group, the entrepreneur founded biotech companies ATAI Life Sciences, Cambrian BioPharma and Rejuveron Life Sciences, building on his belief that everyone should live healthier, happier and longer lives want to lead.

“I’ve always believed that aging is a disease in itself, so why not find a cure for it?” Angermayer, 44, speaks exclusively to GRAZIA USA. “With Cambrian and Rejuveron, we are working hard to discover therapeutics to slow down the aging process. I am very confident that we will soon be able to slow and even reverse aging and significantly increase life expectancy.”

To learn more about Angermayer’s mission, read his full profile here.

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