Chris Evans on post-MCU weight reduction: Individuals are asking if I am okay

Evans hasn’t hit the gym this hard since he hung his Captain America shield.

Chris Evans is really starting to let himself go since he ventured into voice acting.

Um, we’re kidding. Apparently. The former Avengers star shared on the Disney/Pixar Lightyear red carpet that he’s “lost about 15 pounds” since stepping down from the role of Captain America with 2019’s Avengers.

“Every time people see me they’re like, ‘Are you okay? You lost a little weight,'” Evans told Yahoo. “I didn’t have to go to the gym that hard.”

And adapting to life after Marvel was a whole different feat. “You know, it’s different,” Evans explained. “For 10 years there has always been a film around the corner. For 10 years, when you finish one, your life is planned in such a way that you’re like, ‘Okay, in six months we’ll have the press, in another six months we’ll start the next movie.’”

The MCU graduate continued, “Having open waters… there are parts of it that are beautiful and there are parts of it that I really, really miss because it was a role that meant a lot to me.” And I love these people. And it will undoubtedly be the best 10 years of my professional life, forever.”



Evans also shut down rumors he was returning to the MCU, previously teasing that the role had to “be perfect” for him to come back.

“That seems like something people would like to see,” Evans said in an interview with “I don’t want to disappoint anyone but it’s hard… It’s been such a good run and I’m so happy with it. It’s so precious to me. It would have to be perfect. It would just be scary to shake something I care about so much again. This role means so much to me. So it would be a great challenge to revisit it.”

Meanwhile, Evans stays in fighting shape as a renegade assassin in Netflix action thriller The Gray Man, led by Marvel collaborators Joe and Anthony Russo.

With rumors of a franchise based on Gosling and Evans’ “electrical chemistry” (like they have any other kind…), “The Gray Man” is already breaking records as the most expensive Netflix original film. The spy thriller pits Evans against Ryan Gosling in an international game of cat and mouse. Ana de Armas and Regé-Jean Page star as CIA agents alongside Julia Butters and Billy Bob Thornton, who emerged from Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

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