Causes of Smelly Ft and The right way to Keep away from Them

It is easy for most of us to get smelly feet from time to time, but some men live in fear of taking off their shoes.

It does this because of the build up of sweat, which leads to bacterial growth on the skin. Additionally, smelly feet will smell over time when the foot encounters moisture. It’s a good idea to have a plan of action in case you need to get your socks off in front of someone.

Let’s fix that once and for all. Here are all the reasons that cause your feet to stink and tips on how to permanently fix them.

1. Bad hygiene

Bad hygiene can be a major cause of bromodose, or smelly feet. To keep your feet fresh, you need to wash them every day and use a light cream or lotion.

Nail clipping, the occasional pedicure, and home remedies are good measures to prevent fungus and bacteria from building up. You can also soak your feet in apple cider vinegar and warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes to remove bacteria and reduce odors.

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2. Wet and sweaty feet

As mentioned before, moisture is a friend of smelly feet. It is important not to wear socks after bathing. Make sure you dry them completely before you put your shoes on to go to work.

Investing in a good bathroom rug can largely solve the problem. If things are still not under control on a daily basis, use a moisture wicking powder and a handy scented bottle.

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3. Sticky shoes & socks

Shoes tend to make your feet less breathable and allow bacteria to work their way through. Not wearing the same pair of shoes every day is a wonderful and easy way to prevent this from happening. Let the air out between the wears. Opting for synthetic socks instead of your regular cotton socks can also help. Cotton socks are breathable, but also absorb and collect bacteria.

Change your everyday shoes with open toes or slip-ons so your feet can breathe. This can reduce the occurrence of sweating and moisture.

You can also try swapping out your insoles for new ones.

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Final thoughts

These are quick fixes and preventions against smelly feet. However, make sure to check your feet for sores in front of a mirror and see a doctor if necessary.

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