Casey Donovan shares her easy food plan trick after ‘life-changing’ weight reduction

Singer and musical theater star Casey Donovan has been wowing fans with her weight loss journey for the past few months.

In a recent picture posted to her Instagram account, the former Australian Idol winner looked stunning as she stood in front of Uluru.

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Donovan was smiling broadly and was wearing a sequined jacket and skirt, strappy heels and a black t-shirt.

She was in the Northern Territory for NITV’s 10th Anniversary concert, where she performed alongside Troy Cassar-Daley, Christine Anu and King Stingray.

Donovan, who has credited her weight loss to enrolling in the Jenny Craig program, noted in her caption that when traveling or on the go, eating healthy can sometimes be difficult.

Casey Donovan at Uluru. Credit: Instagram/Casey Donovan

“We had a great time at Uluru this week for the NITV 10th Anniversary concert! So amazing but also very, very busy,” she wrote.

“That’s where my Jenny Craig supercoach Angela comes in.

“We talked about the reality of travel and doing our best to stick to the program and having honest conversations about how to build my plate when my meals can’t fit in my suitcase.”

She added that being part of the program helped her understand what her plate and portion size should look like and gave her the tools to navigate the summer slump.

Casey Donovan with her Jenny Craig trainer Angela. Credit: Instagram/Casey Donovan

Her followers were stunned by her Uluru image.

“Looks sooo great,” wrote soprano Marina Prior.

“Wow you look absolutely stunning,” wrote another follower.

“How much have you lost now Casey, omg! You look great,” wrote a third.

Another said: “So proud of you, you look so proud of yourself!”

Casey Donovan gives a thumbs up after her dramatic transformation. Photo credit: Instagram

Donovan told 7Entertainment she’s been on a “health journey” since the peak of the COVID pandemic.

“I think my whole life I’ve tried to be healthy and not rely too much on my weight but on how healthy I can be,” she said.

“Like everything, I went up, I went down, I went left, I went right.

Casey Donovan. Credit: Instagram/Casey Donovan

“Jenny Craig was an absolute godsend because she really re-teached and re-educated me.

“I can still eat things like pies or sausage rolls – it’s just portioned, so it’s really about portion control.

“I think we got a little lost with all these fad diets that tell you how to lose weight but not how to keep it off or how to take care of yourself after the fact.”

Casey Donovan in 2017. Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage

Donovan said Jenny Craig has a broader approach than crash diet fads.

“It’s a life-changing thing,” she said.

“You’re not trying to fit into a dress for one day, you’re trying to fit into that dress forever.

“I feel great; I like to think that through all the sizes of my life I’ve always been confident in who I am and I’ve never let my weight dictate what I can and can’t do.

“But these days I’m happily in love, I’m happily working, I’m doing all these things, and[the weight loss]was just the icing on the cake.”

Casey Donovan and partner Renee Sharples at the ARIA Awards. Credit: Instagram/Casey Donovan

And Donovan’s Instagram fans have noticed the fresh shine.

“Congratulations, what a year for you! Looking for the goods,” wrote one fan.

“Your energy is just so beautiful,” wrote another.

“Good luck on your whole journey and love your voice, love your energy, love your vibes.” has not derived any financial benefit from this content.

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