Carried out, Carried out, Gold! Begins an eight-week digital classroom collection for the spring semester hosted by high Olympians and Paralympians

Ready set gold! right now fulfills the additional need of our youth to include them in a consistent community that understands what it takes to be resilient, deliberate, and hopeful when new and uncertain scenarios are thrown before them.

Done, Done, Gold! (RSG!) Starts a new eight-week series of classes this spring with first-hand tips and advice from Olympic and Paralympic athletes designed to help students of all grades stay active with distance learning from home. Each 30-minute video appears every Monday from March 1st to April 26th (excluding March 29th) and covers a thematic topic that focuses on evidence-based physical activity and social emotional learning. Working with the Foundation for Global Sports Development and Sidewinder Films, this is the second classroom series created by Ready, Set, Gold !, the public-private partnership between the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games and the Foundation for Global Sports Development Olympic and Paralympic athletes work with schools to promote good fitness and nutrition.

Each video in the athlete-led series includes an activity section that highlights key fitness basics for endurance, flexibility, balance, and strength training, as well as thematic units on topics such as goal setting, endurance, and leadership. The content is drawn from the real, personal experiences of the RSG! Olympic and Paralympic mentors! Bringing to life and assisting teachers in their work to increase engagement with students providing “distance learning” from home. RSG! plans to expand the virtual content to complement the regular on-site programming.

“After the success of our first virtual program, we are happy to announce the Ready, Set, Gold! The Virtual Spring Series offers students a safe way to incorporate nutrition and fitness tips from our Olympic and Paralympic stars into their daily lives, ”said John Naber, chairman of Ready, Set, Gold !. “While we eagerly await the return to our in-school program, this virtual series opens the door to reaching so many students who typically don’t have this opportunity and we look forward to inspiring children in Southern California and beyond.”

The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD) and Sidewinder Films are long-time supporters of Ready, Set, Gold! and are an important sponsor for this innovative project.

“The Foundation for Global Sports Development is honored to continue to support Ready Set Gold !, which is offered by SCCOG. The program helps children stay healthy and forge positive connections during the pandemic. Encouragement from Olympians and Paralympians will help inspire students at every step of their growth and learning together, ”said David Ulich, GSD board member.

“Done Set Gold! right now fulfills the additional need of our youth to include them in a consistent community that understands what it takes to be resilient, deliberate and hopeful when new and uncertain scenarios lie ahead, ”said Gideon Massie, Olympic Cyclist and Ready , ready, gold! Mentor. “The finished set of gold! Olympic and Paralympic athletes have a keen interest in equipping young people with their own practical and proven thinking tools that make them applicable to students, and in incorporating athletic-motivated virtual exercise plans to create success stories where student engagement could otherwise be compromised . ”

The curriculum for the Spring Series from Ready, Set, Gold! As follows:

Date / athlete – subject

Week 1: Monday March 1st Cody Michael Jones, Paralympian – Balance, Hope

Week 2: Monday March 8th Molly, Olympian – Perseverance, Goal Setting

Week 3: Monday 15th March Giddeon Massie, Olympian – perseverance, feedback

Week 4: Monday, March 22nd Megan Blunk, Paralympian – Strength, Gratitude

Week 5: Monday April 5th Hunter Kemper, Olympian & Melissa Stockwell, Paralympian – Perseverance, Accepting Challenges

Week 6: Monday April 12th, Khatuna Lorig, Olympian – Strength, Passion and Purpose

Week 7: Monday April 19th John Naber & John Moffet, Olympians – Cooking, Routines

Week 8: Monday April 26th Kami Craig, Olympian – Flexibility, Emotions

Since 2006 Ready, Set, Gold! has traditionally held a classroom tour serving the Los Angeles Unified School District and ICEF, Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Chula-Vista Unified School District, Claremont Unified School District, and Snowline Joint Unified School District.

For more information on the Virtual Spring series and Ready, Set, Gold !, please visit

About done, set, gold!

Done, Done, Gold! is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit health and fitness program promoting healthy and active lifestyles for children in Southern California schools. This unique program was launched in 2006 with the goal of promoting fitness and lifelong healthy habits by bringing Olympians and Paralympians together with schools across Southern California. Done, Done, Gold! Olympians and Paralympians work with students to educate them about the importance of the philosophy of growth and teach them how to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lifestyles. Done, Done, Gold! aims to help and encourage students from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams and live their best lives.

About global sport development and sidewinder films

The Global Sports Development Foundation and Sidewinder Films harness the impact of philanthropy and the power of film to promote athleticism, education, fair play, and ethics among the world’s youth. The Foundation pays special attention to groups and communities most in need or most underserved by current programs, and seeks to include women, minorities and youth in its mission. The Foundation’s media division, Sidewinder Films, supports this mission by producing groundbreaking documentaries that bring countless stories to the international community. Visit and to learn more.

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