Caregiver Coaching Platform CareAcademy makes first acquisition and expands attain

Boston-based training platform CareAcademy has made its first acquisition.

On Thursday, the company announced the acquisition of NextStep, a digital healthcare training and recruitment company for certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

“This acquisition is so powerful because it takes the best of both worlds, the things that we’ve refined over the past few years and blends them together in a really powerful way,” Helen Adeosun, Founder and CEO of CareAcademy, told Home Health care news. “We envision this acquisition as part of our plan to build the ultimate long-term care career path.”

As part of the agreement, CareAcademy is specifically acquiring NextStep’s video-based content and learning management technology to expand the reach of its training solutions.

CareAcademy’s platform provides home care agencies with professional development training and direct care worker education. Last summer, the company secured a $20 million investment of its own led by Goldman Sachs.

NextStep is a learning and recruitment platform that certifies and places nursing assistants in three states: Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Adeosun said CareAcademy and NextStep’s missions have been aligned for years, making the former’s first acquisition target an easy one.

“These are companies that have always been aligned,” Adeosun said. “Both CareAcademy and NextStep have always had a passion, mission and vision to attract nurses to the workforce and make nursing a pathway into healthcare.”

Looking ahead, Adeosun believes this partnership will allow CareAcademy to delve deeper into the home care space as the tide changes.

“We’re known, at least initially, as a home care company,” Adeosun said. “We are very happy about that and we are very proud of it. We also see that the landscape changes quite quickly. Today you will find a company under one roof that is active in all areas of post-acute care – whether home care, assisted living or hospice at home. This aligns with our vision that CareAcademy is a one-stop shop to meet this need up the career ladder.”

CareAcademy is already one of the leading provider partners in the areas of home care and home health.

Given the rapid growth, the first acquisition will likely not be the last.

“We are excited to enter into this agreement with CareAcademy and their exceptional leadership team,” NextStep’s CEO and co-founder said in a statement. “The NextStep learning platform and course content for nursing assistants will help CareAcademy advance our important shared mission – expanding opportunities for the next generation of frontline healthcare professionals.”

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