Can gaming maintain you match?

Gamers get a bad rap for being lazy, overweight, and inactive. Realistically, this is just a cliché we see in memes and in the media. A lot of gamers spend their time in the gym, and a lot of athletes and extremely fit people spend their free time playing video games – I mean Henry Cavil. The real question here is, can gaming keep you fit?

Some games themselves are specifically designed to keep you active. There are many workout games like Knockout Home Fitness and Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch. There are also plenty of titles that get you moving in the name of fun, like Just Dance and Nintendo Switch Sports. Virtual Reality (VR) is another amazing way to combine gaming and activity, with games like Supernatural VR and Beat Saber.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be playing any of these more active titles to burn some serious calories. Betway Online Casino recently ran a little experiment around gamers and calories. According to their blog, they “asked 17 gamers to play seven of the most popular video games for 90 minutes straight, revealing how many calories we expect to burn in our next gaming session and how that compares to an actual workout.”

So what did they find out?

Photo credit: Betway

On average, players burn a maximum of 538 calories. According to Fitness BLENDER, this corresponds to 75 minutes of lawn mowing, 42 minutes of jumping rope or a 90-minute walk. But let’s look at how many calories were burned per game title:

Betway also kept track of a few other key training stats. Interestingly, the games that burned the most calories weren’t necessarily the games that kept players’ heart rates the highest. They even totaled how many crunches, knee push-ups, or squats you had to do to match the calories burned in each game.

Can gaming keep you fit?Photo credit: Betway

Some interesting facts to consider:

  • Fortnite burned the most calories on average
  • Call of Duty: Warzone had the highest average (max) heart rate
  • Fortnite keeps your heart rate high at an average of 89 BPM
  • Minecraft kept players calmest

Can gaming keep you fit?Photo credit: Betway

After all, can gaming keep you fit?

While I wouldn’t recommend it as the sole source of exercise, it seems like I’ve felt like doing nothing on the couch all these days, but still burned a few calories. Gaming is definitely not going to target specific muscle groups – except maybe your thumbs. But it’s good to know that 90 minutes of gaming will help me burn something, even if it’s the equivalent of 4 Twizzlers, 2 Tbsp Peanut Butter, 2 Double Stuff Oreos, or 15 Lays Potato Chips.

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