Can Chaat be wholesome? Do this excessive protein dal and peanut weight reduction chaat

Who said healthy is boring? We’re here to prove them wrong. When you know the right recipes, eating healthy can be a lot of fun and full of deliciousness. Ever thought of including chaat in your weight loss diet? We bet you haven’t. All those fried papdis and sugary chutneys don’t quite make the cut for a healthy meal. But not all chaats have to be so unhealthy. We have a chaat recipe that’s as delicious as it is healthy. Loaded with nutrients from various foods, even the chaat’s dressing is guilt-free. We can’t wait to create and devour it.

Nutritionist Somya Luhadia shared her personal chaat recipe on Instagram, which is a balanced mix of a variety of nutrient-dense foods. It’s packed with protein from peanuts and dal sprouts and other nutritious foods. It’s perfect for those times when you’re craving some chatpata but the thought of weight gain is pulling you back. Well, you don’t have to withhold your indulgences anymore. Check out the recipe of this Dal Sprout Peanut Chaat here.

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Dal Sprouts and Peanuts Chaat Recipe I How to make healthy chaat for weight loss

In a bowl, mix together cooked dal sprouts, some cooked peanuts, vegetables like onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, and shredded coconut. Mix everything well.

Make the dressing for the salad by mixing and blending the tomato puree, garlic, cilantro, green chilli, salt to taste, pepper, lemon juice, and red chilli. It’s just the flavorful and refreshing chutney you need for your salad.

Now top off your salad with this dressing, mix well and dig in.

You must try this chaat recipe if you are a health freak but just can’t contain your love for chaat.

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As we’ve said before, if you have the right recipes, following a healthy weight loss diet is a piece of cake. So make your weight loss fun and rewarding with healthy and delicious meals that you’ll never miss out on junk food!

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